Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

So. Today is Fat Tuesday. And me, being the dork that I am, knew that Mardi Gras was going on and somehow didn't put it together that today was Fat Tuesday! Of course, for me, every Tuesday is a Fat Tuesday! :P

My new job is still going well. It hasn't gotten very exciting or involved yet, but I'm working and what I'm doing right now is some research and putting the information together, which allows me to learn all the basics of what I'm going to be doing. So even though it's not terribly exciting, I know I'm doing what needs to be done and that I'm picking things up from it! The interesting thing this week was that the other long-term temp, who had been there since September, was let go on Monday. I knew she tended to waste time, since she would always come over to where I sit - which is a little apart from the others - plop herself down and proceed to talk to me a couple times a day for no real reason. But she left really early on Monday because she wasn't feeling well, which was when I found out that she'd already missed 15 days just since September! And since she apparently wasn't doing that great of a job to begin with, our boss called it quits. She said she wanted to bring in someone else who was as productive as I am. That sure made me feel good! :) My boss, Lori, already found someone else to come in and take Nikki's place, so this new woman will be starting tomorrow. I hope it goes well for her, because I know they can use both of us.

I was going to do laundry tonight after I got home from work and the store. And then I decided to put it off another night. Again. I don't know what it is, but I hate doing laundry, even though I'm always glad when it's done. lol

I've been thinking that I need to write more about the relationship I have with Master, since I know there are a lot of people that don't know and don't understand. However, that won't be tonight. I'm hungry, I want some dinner, and I need to write a letter to Granna tonight and get Brenda's birthday card ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. I got it at the store tonight and I thought it was funny. On the front is this precious puppy (blond lab maybe?) sitting there with his head tilted to the side and it reads "It's Your Birthday!" Open it up and it reads "Couldn't you just pee from the excitement?" LOL Cracked me up!! So that goes to Brenda in AZ for her birthday on Friday!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Countdown Begins!!

FOUR WEEKS!!! Master comes to visit in exactly FOUR WEEKS!! I have been looking forward to this since the end of November, when I left His house. I can't wait to look in His eyes again, feel His arms around me, soak up His touch. It's been too long. I know His touch always felt good, but I can't remember exactly what it felt like. I can't wait to really feel His ownership of me again. And since our relationship has grown even more since the last time we were together, I know I'll get to feel it more, and deeper, than before. FOUR WEEKS!!!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Night

I was going to post something tonight, but then I realized that I didn't have anything in particular to say.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day of the Hump

It's Hump Day! And I finally received my Valentine's Day card from Master. I know this will sound silly, but I really like his handwriting. :)

My new job is still going well, although still a bit slow. I kind of feel like my supervisor is searching for things for me to do until she can figure out when to train me or figure out exactly what she's going to have me do. I know she's really busy and that she's going to have me take over some of what she does, and I don't think she's even worried that I can't handle it. I'm not really sure why she's not showing me how to do more things. But I still like being there, so I'm not complaining!

I need to remember to make my lunch for tomorrow. Don't let me forget.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday the 20th

I started my new job today! It started out really slow because they didn't have me set up to even sign into the computer! I got shown around the building; it's really nice. I'm on the 14th floor and I'm in a cube in a corner by myself with a REALLY nice view! I almost feel like I have a corner office. lol Since it was the first day, it was just kind of slow all day. Even once I could log onto the computer, I was doing kind of piddly things. I think my supervisor just didn't want to take so much time out of one day to show me everything at once, and I know she didn't want to bombard me with everyone at once. But I do hope we get going with more stuff tomorrow, because I was getting really bored by the end of the day. I do think once I get going with what I'll actually be doing there, I'll really like it and it'll keep me busy. :)


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today has been a good day. I had a phone interview for a job that I had originally missed out on. This was the job from a few weeks ago that pays really well, but they had decided to go with someone else before they ever even received my resume. Apparently that person didn't work out, so as of this morning, I have the job instead! I'm excited about it, because the woman I spoke with seems really nice, it sounds like something I'll enjoy and do well at, and, gee, it pays really well! I start Monday morning, so I'll keep everyone that reads this - all none of you - posted! lol

The other good news is that I started my period the other day. Normally, I'm not terribly excited about that fact, but since my cycle got a little thrown off whack last month for no apparent reason, I wasn't sure exactly what my cycle would be like now. And now I know that I won't be on my period when Master comes to visit at the end of next month!! That makes me very, very super incredibly happy!! :)

What sucks today, and every day, is how much I miss my Master. I crave Him. I try to remember exactly what His touch feels like, but my memory never does it justice. It's just been too long. This makes me cry with the ache and longing I have for Him. When He looks at me, I feel beautiful and safe and loved. My chest aches with how much I miss Him! The days until He comes here just can't go fast enough.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Day After

As crappy as yesterday was, it ended up okay. I finally did talk to Master in the evening. I hadn't talked to Him all day since He was home sick again, and then when He first wanted to talk to me, I was still in such a foul mood that I wouldn't. It took some talking, but we worked through it, like we always do. One of the things that I love about our relationship is that we always talk and work through things so that we come to an understanding. In the end it just makes us closer, makes me feel needier for Him, and strengthens my desire to submit to Him. I don't want another Valentine's Day like yesterday, but it helps to know that I have a valentine, and that our relationship is only getting stronger. :)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Frickin' Valentine's Day

So much for Valentine's Day. I think I'm in a bit of a funk. For one thing, I didn't get the temp job that I interviewed for yesterday morning. In a way it's okay because I wasn't really excited about it and it wouldn't have paid that great, but it's still a bummer. The lady from the temp agency told me that it was most likely because of the week I'll be off at the end of March when Master comes to visit. I figured that might happen.

Somehow I always thought that once I was in a serious, committed relationship that Valentine's Day would be better. Guess I was wrong! Master already told me that whatever He's going to send me will be late because He forgot that Valentine's Day was coming up until it was too late. He said the commercials didn't remind Him early enough. Silly me, I thought February 14th came the same time every year! It's not like I'm looking for something big. Heck, all I did was send a card, and I know that neither of us can afford to do much. And, yes, I know that Valentine's Day is just a day and Master can show His love for me any day of the year. That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt and that I'm not disappointed. I've spent enough of these stupid holidays alone and unrecognized. It gets old.

On top of that, I actually thought to get a card for Mom this year and she sent me an email this morning thanking me for it and saying that she decided not to do any valentine's this year. So I won't even get anything from her, which I was almost counting on to cheer me up, since I always get something from her! So, since no one else bothered to treat me, I decided to treat myself and got Arby's for lunch, even though I can't afford it this week. At least it'll give me something nice today.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dead Man Sitting

My foot seems to be okay now, which is a good thing. I'll just have to watch it in the future, I guess. And try to walk more.

I'm enjoying watching the Olympics, although I'm a little disappointed that the US isn't doing as well as we could have. I'm also sad for Michelle Kwan for having to pull out of the competition, but such is the nature of sport and competition.

Yesterday had some interesting activity around my apartment building. I had notice recently that I hadn't seen one of the men that lives here for a while and his car hadn't moved in a couple weeks. The guy that lives across from him noticed on Friday that his light and TV were always on and called the apartment office. Apparently the police broke open his door Friday night and found him. Turns out the man had a heart attack and had been dead for about 10 days!! There were a couple guys from Aftermath Inc. who came in to clean up and carried his couch out completely wrapped in plastic and taped up. So, I'm guessing he was sitting on his couch watching TV when it happened. And then sat there for a week and a half. Yuck. I'm glad I communicate with people - mainly Master - often enough that something like that could never happen to me.

I still have bird poop on my balcony railing and I still haven't cleaned my keyboard.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Slow Week

This has been a slow, boring, uneventful week for me. Nothing has happened on the job front. I know at this point that I didn't get the original job that I was hoping for. It doesn't look like I even got the second job that the temp agency called about. They called again today with another possibility, but I'm not even sure I want it. The job is alright and would be for a couple months, but it doesn't pay that great. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the bother.

I'm glad the Olympics start today. I always love watching the Olympics. Go USA! :)

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February 8

I still don't know anything about a temp job. I'm waiting to hear about the first one, but now the same agency also has a second possibility. It doesn't pay as much, but it wouldn't be bad and would last a couple months. Of course, there's still the part of me that just doesn't want to work, but that would create a problem in paying my bills!

I got a little freaked out Monday night when I noticed that my right foot and ankle were swollen. Since diabetics are known for having problems with their feet - mainly circulation - I was kinda freaked out. The good thing was that my toes were still pink and I still had all the feeling in my foot, and I didn't have any pain. Just swollen. I didn't know what to do since this had never happened before. Part of what freaked me out was knowing that, if it got worse and I needed to go to the doctor or hospital, I'm not sure how I'd get there. It's the foot I use to drive, and I know no one here any more that I could call to ask for help. I just cried. It's so depressing to know that I live in this big city and I have absoultely no one here. It just makes me that much readier to move in with Master, to know that He'll take care of me.

Thankfully, this morning, my foot was less swollen, so whatever is going on is going away. Yea! :)

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Un-Manic Monday

I got a call from the man at the possible temp job for a mini phone interview. He actually didn't ask that many questions, so I'm hoping that's not a bad sign. He said he'd call in the next day or so to let me know. I'm hoping.

I was bummed that the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl, but they just got outplayed in the second half. It was nice for Jerome Bettis to be able to end his career with a Super Bowl win in his hometown.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Squirrel Mission & Bird Poop Dilemma

When you're home and not having to do a whole lot all the time, it's amazing the things you can notice and the problems you can have.

I've been putting a lot of peanuts out for my squirrel today. After putting out a couple handfuls, I got to thinking that he's eating way more today than he ever has before. Then I noticed that he wasn't hanging out and eating them like he often does, he would put a couple in his mouth, leave, and then return a few minutes later for more. So I watched. Turns out he's either preparing for the rest of winter or just being greedy, because he's burying the peanuts! He keeps running back and forth, taking my peanuts. The squirrel is on a mission!

In creating a friend in my neighborhood squirrel, I've also created a problem for myself - bird poop. My neighborhood birds have noticed these peanuts and want some for themselves. Now, I don't mind if the birds pick up a peanut here and there. However, when they sit around on the balcony - mainly the railing - they poop on it! I keep trying to shoo them away, but there's only so many times I want to throw my hands in the air on any given day. Any suggestions for getting rid of the bird poop without getting rid of the peanuts?

No word about the temp job yet. And I still haven't cleaned my keyboard.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I just got a call a bit ago from one of the temp agencies, the same one that I was previously working through. They have another job possibility for me, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It sounds like it would be a decent job, it would pay well, and it would last 3-6 months! I should be finding out within the next couple days if I'll be doing it and when it'll start.