Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Picture

Okay, I'm being brave. I'm actually revealing my face! Hopefully no one that actually knows me stumbles across this blog right now. lol
This picture of Jiffy and me is about 4 years old. It was taken at her wedding shower. I'm the one on the right. Of course, I've chosen a flattering picture for myself! Unfortunately, I've put on more weight since then, so I don't look exactly like this any more. But close enough. So now you all kind of know what I look like! :)

(Removed later for privacy.)

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Katie's leaving Today, I'm leaving tomorrow

This is Katie Couric's last morning on the Today show. Do I ever normally watch the Today show? No. Did I watch some this morning? Yes. Is my life going to change because Katie's leaving the show? No. Did I cry anyway? Yes, because I'm a big sap. Kids, be careful what you tease your parents about! I used to give my mom a hard time because she would cry over the drop of a hat. And now... I have become my mother. Well, about this, anyway.

I'm leaving tomorrow to go to my mom's in Ohio for the weekend. I'm going straight to the airport after work. My best friend's little brother is getting married on Saturday, so she and I are going to attend. When I first heard he was getting married, I didn't think I would bother going, just because I wasn't particularly close to him. But then I got to thinking about the fact that I would get to see my best friend and all of her family. I haven't seen any of them in three years, some of them longer than that. My best friend, who I call Jiffy, has a little girl who's about 18 months whom I've never seen! Her older brother, who was also a good friend of mine, got married last year and I've never met his wife. (The wedding was in Oregon and I didn't get to attend.) I'm really looking forward to seeing all of them. Since my best friend's parents moved a few years ago, it makes it harder to see any of them. It used to be that, at Christmas or some holiday, she'd be at her parents' and I'd be at my mom's and that was only about 10 minutes apart. Now it's about an hour and a half - I think. Jiffy, her hubby, and their daughter live in western KY. Her older brother and his wife live in OK. You can see why I don't get to see them much any more! And since I'm about to leave the country, I figured I'd better take this opportunity to see them all again. If I'm brave when I get home from work, maybe I'll post a picture of Jiffy and me from a few years ago.

I'm also having lunch with my good friend Meat on Friday. (No, not all of my friends have funny nicknames.) We're going to pick up some lunch at a deli and then go to the local park so her rugrats can run around while she and I visit. Of all my friends from school or church in my hometown, she's the only one that actually still lives there, so I try to make sure to always see her when I'm in town. She's the same friend that got together with Master and me for lunch (again) when he and I were there at the end of March. She's just started dating a new guy, so I'm sure she'll be talking a lot about that!

I know I'll have a good time this weekend, but there's always a part of me that hates leaving town any more, just because I don't get much time with Master while I'm gone. At least we can talk on the phone while I'm there now. Our relationship was a secret for the first several months, so when I'd go out of town then, we'd only be able to secretly send text messages. That sucked.

I've been feeling even better about our relationship in the last week or so. We had a bit of a breakthrough that I didn't even know I needed. We decided last week that sometime soon after we get to Edmonton after moving me there, we're going to have some sort of... thing. (We can't decide on what to call it because "ceremony" doesn't seem like the right word and we can't find a better one to fit.) We're going to have a thing for just the two of us, making the promises we want to make, committing ourselves to each other, and that's when Master will, essentially, collar me by putting on my ankle bracelet. I felt so much better after we decided to do that, which surprised me, but I think I know why.

Marriage has been kind of a sore spot for me in my relationship with Master. I definitely want to get married, and I'm not really willing to budge on that. Master doesn't want to get married again, after having such a crappy experience with it the first time around. At first he just said he'd be willing to again, if that's what I really wanted, although more recently, he sounds more confident about it, and maybe even kind of excited about it. But the real reason for the sore spot is that Master is still legally married. They're legally separated. And even though I know Master wants to be rid of her completely, it's not always so easy, and definitely not cheap. It just bothered me so much that it didn't seem like anything was ever being done to get it over with. It still bothers me when I think about it, but I know the holdup is money. (I still think I'm going to look into some kind of free legal help so this can just be over and done with.)

Anyway, with that being such a spot of contention for me, any mention of marriage at all got me upset. I was trying to not even think about it, because I didn't want to hope for anything just to set myself up for disappointment. So, knowing now that we're going to be doing our own little thing is really making me feel better. No, it doesn't solve any of the legal, technical crap, but it lets me know that it's not an issue of Master not wanting to commit to me. I hadn't even articulated that I felt that way until after we had decided to do this. Funny how much better things are when a problem is solved that you didn't even know you had.

I've really been rambling today! Well, I guess that'll make up for all the posting I won't be doing over the weekend. I get back Sunday evening, so I'll try to catch up then. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Suzy's Movie Reviews

I rented 5 movies on my way home from work on Thursday so that I'd be all set for being lazy and unproductive (and inside) on this record-setting hot Memorial Day weekend. So I'll give you all of my unsolicited and unprofessional opinions!

Rumor Has It: Cute and kinda fun, but nothing to pee your pants about. Shirley MacLaine has some great lines that cracked me up! Want a man to leave a room so you can have a private conversation? "Jeff, go play with your dick." And if you quickly want to see part of one of Jennifer Aniston's boobs, then this is the movie for you.

Capote: Since I know very little about Truman Capote and have never read any of his work, I wasn't sure what to expect. I think I would've enjoyed it more if at least one of those things had happened. I can definitely see why Philip Seymour Hoffman won the Oscar. I think if you're a fan of Truman Capote or PSH, then this is a good movie to see. If not... well, it's up to you.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin: This movie was not nearly as funny as what I thought it was going to be. There was a lot of swearing just for the sake of swearing, and I'm not a big fan of that. The one scene where Steve Carell was getting his chest waxed was really funny, though. There was a lot of swearing in that scene, but it seemed a little more fitting in that case. So, if you like seeing some random boobs, hearing a lot of swearing, and a few funny scenes, then this is the movie for you.

Match Point: It seems like I'd heard a lot about this movie and how good and intriguing it was supposed to be. If so, then I missed the boat. I seriously got bored with this movie. There's a bit of a twist at the end, but not enough of a twist to be worth all the boredom leading up to it. Scarlett Johansson annoyed me - like she does most of the time. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was part of why this movie was so boring. He was so bland the whole movie! And I'm not sure why I keep hearing how hot he is. So, if you like a movie in London with a lot of non-action and almost seeing Scarlett Johansson's boobs, then this is the movie for you.

The Family Stone: Of the 5 movies I rented, this was my favourite. When it first started, I thought it was kind of annoying. Sarah Jessica Parker's character was so overly uptight and unfriendly that it didn't seem all that realistic. Not to mention the mom (Diane Keaton) and the youngest sister (Rachel McAdams) are so clique-ish and mean, that that also doesn't seem terribly realistic. However, once the movie gets going and the characters become a little more human, then it's really enjoyable. There's a little more drama to it than I expected and a number of really touching, sweet scenes. I cried. There are also some funny moments. There's a particular scene that involves some falling and chasing between the characters that was absolutely hilarious and something I really could see happening in a family. (Not my own family, but a family with enough siblings. lol) I especially loved Luke Wilson in this movie, and I think it's his character's humanity that carries the movie at the beginning when I wanted to smack everyone else. So, all in all, pretty good and probably one I'd recommend for most. :)

You all can let me know if you agree or disagree with any of this if you've seen any of these. And please let me know if you have any I should definitely see or definitely avoid in the future! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was terrific. I got a lot of great time with Master and got to spend a lot of time being lazy. The fact that the fire alarm is going off right now doesn't bother me since it happens from time to time and appears to be a false alarm just like it always has been before. Ah, the fun of communal living!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Tidbits

Most of what's been going on with lately hasn't been worth blogging about. But I've got some tidbits.

Things that suck a big one: Tampons that go in at a funny angle. And bras.

I've been seeing my squirrel some again. I didn't see him for a bit, although I wasn't worried this time. I think now that it's warmed up, he can probably find food other places and doesn't come to see me so much. Maybe that's okay because sometimes I worry about what will happen with him when I move.

I rented some movies tonight on my way home for the long weekend, so I'll let everyone know what I think of them as I watch them.

It's gotten warm here. I'm not happy about it.

There was a Uhaul truck in the parking lot in front of another building when I got home tonight. It made me smile. And then at the start of the hockey game tonight they showed the outside of the Rexall building in Edmonton and I almost started to cry. (I know, I'm a sap, we've covered that.) I've been past that building! Right there on Wayne Gretzky Drive! I can't wait to be home with Master. :)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I can't think of a title

I'm actually starting to enjoy watching hockey. Is this part of the initiation into being a Canadian? Master and I watched together (Him watching there, me watching here) as the Edmonton Oilers narrowly defeated the Anaheim Might Ducks last night. So now the western conference series is 3-0 in favor of Edmonton! The next game is tomrrow night. So everyone keep your fingers crossed!

I'm back at work today after spending most of yesterday in bed feeling crappy with God knows what. Mostly a really bad headache. Sometimes I hate my head. I get headaches because of low blood sugar, my period, the stupid weather changing, and for any old reason. It sucks.

Anyway, at least it'll be a long weekend! I'm definitely looking forward to that. And next week will be extra short for me since I'm leaving Thursday evening to fly to my mom's so we can go to a wedding on Saturday. But more about that later.

Now that Master has His plane ticket here and I've reserved the Uhaul and car trailer, the date for my move is definite! He flies here on August 12, we pick up the Uhaul on the 13th, and should hit the road on the morning of the 14th. So now we all know the exact date of when Suzy will finally get laid again! :)

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Victoria Day

Today is Victoria Day in Canada. Do I know what it's about? Nope. I just know that Master has off work today. And I wished I had off work today.

My weekend was fairly unexciting. I discovered that my apartment is even cheaper than I thought. I have 2 ceiling fans in my apt., one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen. I used to keep the both on constantly because my apt. tends to get stuffy easily, at least to me. I've since turned off the kitchen one because it just started humming so loudly that I couldn't stand it. That's when I noticed that the top of the fan blades were so dirty that they looked black (the fan being white)! Now, I get up on a chair and clean the fan blades of both fans as best I can at least once a year. So, I decided I needed to actually take the fan blades down from the fan so I could really clean them so that the tops wouldn't be black any more. Knowing apt. mgmt., they'd probably take a chunk out of my deposit because of someone having to clean those.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I take my folding chair over there and unscrew one of the fan blades from the middle. I almost said an expletive as I looked at the supposedly black top of the fan blade. It's not black with dirt. The cheap pieces of crap didn't paint the top of the fan blade! It's a gray wood grain looking thing, so from six feet back, it looks like it's black with dirt!

I went ahead and really cleaned it since I had it down and I can clean it a lot easier that way. The tricky part was getting it screwed back in. That was one of those times when I wish I had someone else around. You know, to hold the fan blade while I put the screws back in. Or to call 911 if I fell off the folding chair.

So, knowing now that the fan blades aren't half as disgusting as I thought they were, I only cleaned that one this weekend. I'll clean the others over the next few weekends, since they can still use a good cleaning. So keep your fingers crossed that nothing bad happens while I'm standing on a folding chair in a narrow kitchen holding a screwdriver.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Collar me

Collar me is the name of the site where Master found me. :)

He and I were talking the other night about if He would ever want me to wear a physical collar. I think in a lot of ways we're not as "regimented" as a lot of D/s couples, which is okay, because this relationship is about us. I know some subs where an actual collar around their necks, even if to everyone else it just looks like a choker necklace. I've heard of a sub wearing a bracelet as their collar. Master thought He would like me to either wear a chain around my waist or an ankle bracelet. Something about the waist chain doesn't sound quite like something I'd want to wear. I think I keep imagining it getting twisted and tangled up underneath my clothes. lol Of course, He and I agreed that it might not be cost effective to get something like that - especially with my waist!

I do really like the idea of wearing an ankle bracelet as my collar, though. For one thing, Master told me that He finds them really sexy. ;) But they're also tasteful and wouldn't be uncomfortable. Plus, I like the idea that it would kind of be a symbol of... like where He would might put a chain on me to tie me down. Think Princess Lea in Star Wars. ;)

I love the thought of having a physical reminder with me at all times that I belong to Him, I am His, He owns me forever. And I own His perfect penis! ;)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Shelf

I have had more free lunches in the 2 1/2 months that I've been working here than in any other time in my life. We had our monthly dept. lunch today and we went to a little Italian place. It was really good! So if anyone wants to try DeMarco's, I would definitely recommend it.

In any case, because I knew we'd be going to an Italian place, I wore my red shirt. I own only one red shirt because, in my opinion, I don't look good in "warm" colors because my skin is so dang pink on its own. However, I did wear this shirt when Master was here and He really liked it. He said I looked good in it. I think He may have just liked the fact that the V-neck goes low enough that He could start to see my cleavage.

And that brings me back to my point. The shelf. There are many names for the shelf. Boobies, breasteses, rack, headlights, whatever. The shelf is what caused me to be uncomfortable after a certain age when riding on certain rollercoasters because of the, uh, bounciness. (My guy friend sitting next to me just laughed at me because I rode the ride with my arms crossed over my chest instead of holding them in the air. Thanks, Chris, love you too.) And while most people put their napkins in their laps at a resteraunt to catch anything if it drops, it's absolutely pointless for me to do that because my shelf catches it first. So I wore red today because I figured that way if any drops of sauce fell onto the shelf, it could only do so much damage. And, of course, the day I plan ahead for such an accident, I drop a single thing on the shelf!

So my question is this: how crazy is it to plan what you're going to wear that day based on what you might accidentally spill on your shelf?


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I'm finally trying to add a picture to my profile. I don't want to post one of myself, so instead I'm using my favourite painting. It's "Girl at the Window" done by Salvador Dali, although I've also seen it titled as "Person at the Window." In any case, keep your fingers crossed that this works!



Sometimes I just give up.
Sometimes it's just not worth the fight.
Sometimes my head is filled with thoughts, but I forget to speak.
Sometimes I wonder if I expect too much.
Sometimes I wonder if I should've known better.
Sometimes I wonder if I should keep trying to find the answers. Or just give up.
Sometimes I wonder where my strength went.
Sometimes I think I shouldn't rely on someone else so much and sometimes I don't know how I can't.
Sometimes I just feel resigned and defeated. even deflated.
Sometimes I'm scared.
Sometimes I just give in, because I don't know what else to do.
Sometimes I get lost in my head.
Sometimes I just get lost.


Monday, May 15, 2006

A hug for my legs

So, I'm wearing my leg support socks things. They're not full-on socks, as they only go around my ankle and part of my foot with an open heel. It's kind of like one of those Ace bandages for your ankle that goes up to my knee. I wasn't sure how they'd be today since this is my first time wearing them. But they're not bad! Half the time I forget I have them on, which is good. When I first put them on it felt a little like leg warmers, but a little tighter with more support. In the end, it kinda just feels like a hug for my lower legs.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Showing off my hairy legs

I had a check-up with my doctor yesterday after work. I have to go every few months or he won't give me refills on my drugs. I had already gone last Saturday to have blood drawn. So we now know that my kidney and liver function is still fine, my cholestoral is still fine, and my A1C went up a little but is still okay. When I was at the doc's, my blood pressure was 130/75, so that's fine. That's all the good news. The slightly bad news is that the circulation in my feet isn't what it should be. I still have all the feeling in my feet and toes, which is definitely a good thing, but my feet and ankles have been swollen lately.

I'm in the exam room and he tells me to sit up on the exam table. I'd already taken my socks and shoes off, since I have to do that every time. He starts examining my feet and ankles. I pulled my pants legs up about an inch. But no, he wanted more. And I haven't shaved my legs since Master's visit, which was about 6 weeks ago. No one sees my legs but me and I sure don't care if they're hairy. Mainly I just hate shaving my legs. It always seems like it takes me forever and I have bumpy knees that always seem to find a way to get knicked and bleed.

In any case, Doc McGraw pushed my pants legs up nearly to my knees. He was making sure my calves weren't sore and was checking out my skin tone or something like that. (He explained it to me later.) I'm sitting there watching him examine my hairy legs, silently debating with msyelf as to whether or not I should say something, try to make a little joke about it or something. But I couldn't come up with anything! I kept reminding myself that he's a doctor and a professional and I'm sure he's seem much worse than anything I could show him. But it's still embarassing, even if I don't care enough about the embarassment to shave my legs ahead of time!

I had to bid farewell to Doc McGraw for good last night. It was actually sad for me. I've really liked having him as my doctor, esp. since the main doctor I had before him was so horrible and mean that he actually made me cry in his office one time when I was trying to get his help with something. Doc asked me where I was moving to and why. When I told him I was moving for a boy, he had an ever-so-slightly funny look on his face. He was probably thinking, "If she has a boyfriend, why are her legs so hairy?"

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

If you're curious...

... check out how I earned this title!! Blog Pictionary! (Thanks, Liz.) :)

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hump Day Babbling

I found out this morning that an old friend's wife passed away Saturday night. She had liver cancer and refused much treatment, so it wasn't a shock. But she was only in her mid-30's and leaves behind her husband - the old friend - and their two kids who are, I think, about 10 and 7. Andrew and I used to be really good friends back in the day, when I was in jr. high and high school. I called him and his 3 brothers my brothers. His mom even told me at one point that she wanted me to marry him. At the time I agreed with her, but what the heck did I know? I was still in high school and he was off in the Marines. In any case, even though I only met his wife a few times and haven't seen Andrew in about 5 years, I think I'll always consider him a friend, and for that reason, I feel bad for him and his kids, knowing that they just lost their wife and mother. Even when you know it's coming, that kind of loss is never easy.

On a lighter note, I'm still unsupervised at work!! Hide the women and children! Put on your protective helmets! Call the authorities! The boss was supposed to be back this week, which could still happen as the week isn't over yet, but no one really seems to know what's going on. I know she's playing it day by day, but it's almost as if we don't know that she won't be here for the day until it's obvious that she's just not coming in.

You know, I had kind of a weird revelation the other day. I was checking for the latest on Zane's blog (see Music Row Diaries --->). Zane was kind of a friend of mine in college and he's now trying to be a country music artist in Nashville. Zane is one of those guys that's good at everything... and makes you sick because of it! lol He's very smart - got his degree in math, played college level soccer, is obviously talented, and he's just genuinely a nice, funny guy. (Zane doesn't know that my blog exists because that would mean someone I actually know finding out about the kind of relationship that Master and I have.) In checking out the comments on Zane's latest post I saw one from someone else that we'd gone to college with, so I followed the link and found a blog with a handful of guys from our school. One of the guys was one of the leaders of my orientation group and another guy is married to the other leader of my group, and I had stayed friends with them the whole time we were in school together. I now know that they both just had babies! It was just kind of strange to take a peek into their lives now, and realizing how different my life has become since college. I went to a somewhat conservative Christian university. So there's one guy talking about the sermon he preached last Sunday and another guy talking about how he and his wife and considering doing mission work in Thailand again. It just hit me how they have all gone down the path of what most people do after they leave this particular school. And I have become different. I still believe in God and I still pray, but I don't go to church any more. I'm preparing to move in with a man that I'm not married to and who doesn't believe in God. I guess I was always a little different from a lot of the people I went to school with if only because I wasn't from the south, I don't have big hair, and I don't say "y'all." I still believe to this day that the guys weren't interested in me because I was a yankee. All of this rambling to say... my life has definitely changed in the time since I graduated college and reading a bit of that blog just reminded me of that and the kind of atmosphere I used to live in.

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Monday, May 08, 2006


Last night was a real rollercoaster and very intense. Master and I got into a big discussion about our relationship and something that needs to be resolved, something that I feel like hangs over our heads sometimes. It was miserable and even brought up the option of ending things, even though neither of us could even bear to say it out loud. Thankfully we just talked through it and resolved what we could last night. I know the issue itself isn't something that can be taken care of over night (well, unless someone were to die, but that's not too likely), but I know that we dealt with it as much as we can for now. And in the process we just deepened our relationship and our committment to each other. I woke up this morning feeling like it really is a new day and things are better.

I love You, Master. :)

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Bored Cops & Bad Drivers

I leave work yesterday and walk out to my car in the parking garage. It's not until after I start my car that I notice there's some sort of paper thing under my windshield. It doesn't look like an ad, so I'm praying it's not a ticket, although I don't even know what I would get a ticket for. So what was it? A notice that Itasca cops are bored, aka a "Crime Prevention Notice." At 1:36 PM, Officer Ken left me a courtesy Crime Prevention Notice because I had (purposefully) left my driver's side window open about an inch because it was a nice day. That's it. That deserved a crime prevention notice, just in case a 6 year old with go-go-Gadget arms decides to try to unlock my door by slipping their arm through that inch space!

I had a chuckle this morning on my way to work. Traffic was backed up a little because of an accident (which I'll tell about later) so we were all inching along. I was in front of a semi when this other mid-sized car tries to get in behind me. It was an iffy space and the trucker honked at him because he'd cut it close. A minute later, the guy gets over again into the lane on the other side of me, and that's when I see that the side of his car has "Sentry Insurance" on it! Gotta love an insurance agent that nearly causes his car to get hit!

The accident, fortunately, only looked like it was just the one car involved and seemed to be fairly recent, since the emergency vehicles were just driving past as I was inching along. It was one of those freaky looking ones, though, that makes you hope whoever was driving is okay. Well, unless they were just stupid and then a little part of me thinks maybe they just brought it on themselves. In any case, a car was off the side of the road, laying on the driver's side with the bottom of the car facing the highway. The front of the car was facing towards the oncoming traffic. So, I don't know if the car flipped end to end, rolled sideways, or both, but it wasn't pleasant looking. It reminds you to not be stupid when you drive.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cute Dog!

I just came across this blog, Buck Wild Dog, that I can't read anything about because I don't understand French, but this dog is so dang cute!! :)

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Blah Day

I have felt so blah the entire day. I'm tired and I don't feel like being here today. And it's one of those days when I'm missing Master so much it makes me ache. It actually makes me feel whiny and I hate whining. It makes me feel like I'm going to turn into a toddler that's stomping her foot and whining, "But I want to see Him NOW!" I can't believe I have to wait another three months to see Him again. I just keep reminding myself that the next time I see Him will be THE time. It'll be when He flies here to move me there and we won't have to deal with this long-distance crap any more. Three long months.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday the 3rd

I'm having trouble focusing today. I feel restless and tired, but at least I'm in a good mood. I don't even have anything interesting to say here. Except that I'm getting my hair trimmed today after work. Yea!

I found out yesterday morning that my boss is going to be working from home until further notice. She fell about a month ago and broke her wrist and banged up a knee that was already having problems. Apparently the doc hasn't been very helpful and now both knees are going out on her, so she's having trouble walking much at all. So I have no boss here. Suzy unsupervised and on the loose!!!

I hope everyone is having a good hump day. :) And for those of you keeping track (why you would, I don't know) my pogo total is now at 2,795,195.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thoughts on 'A Day Without Immigrants'

The differences I noticed yesterday:

1. The building people weren't here to put more toilet paper and paper towels in the bathroom.

2. Traffic going to and from work was much better!

I'm not wanting to start a big debate about the immigration issue. If you want that, then watch any of the news channels. I'm just rambling my thoughts because, well, this is my blog!

I think it's interesting that these protests and rallies are made up largely of Hispanics. I find it interesting and maybe a little baffling that a lot of their banners and chants are in Spanish. Are they trying to get the point across to the people here or in their home countries? I'll admit that it rubs me the wrong way when people - Hispanic or otherwise - come to this country and never learn English. I used to work at a Japanese company and there was a Japanese man there who, I found out, came to this country a few months after I was born. So, I used to say that he'd been here basically as long as I had! And he still couldn't put a complete sentence together in English! That drove me nuts.

While some people like to make the point that everyone, in a sense, in America is an immigrant, I think the people making that point need to realize that this is a different time and a different place. That was then, this is now. (And the immigrants from non-English speaking countries, including a few of my ancestors, learned to speak English!)

I don't dispute that immigrants - legal and illegal - do make contributions to our society and economy. I think that making it a felony to be here illegally is a good idea - from this point going foward. I also think it would be a good idea to give some sort of visa or work status or something to those illegal immigrants who are already here and working. Lastly, I think those businesses who hire illegals should also be fined.

You know, I'm preparing to be an immigrant myself, when I move to Edmonton in August. While it's simpler going to Canada from the States than from most other countries, it's still not easy. But I'm still doing what I have to do to immigrate legally, and that's all that America is asking of anyone wanting to come here.