Saturday, September 30, 2006

Leave Me a Message

When I left work on Friday, I had a message on my cell phone from Meat. She basically said that, if I thought I could be in her wedding, and if money was the only thing keeping me from doing it, that she and K would pay for my dress and shoes. She wants me to stand up with her that much. I nearly cried. They've got a wedding to pay for, not to mention that they're having a house built, and they're willing to pay for my stuff.

I was going to call her back this afternoon, but she beat me to it. We talked for a little while. Meat said she didn't want to pressure me by making this offer. I told her what was going on with me, and the plan with Master. I told her if I get to Edmonton, then I won't be able to make it to the wedding. If they don't let me through, then I can be there. Meat understood that, and knew that it really wasn't just a matter of the money. I wish I could be there to stand up with her at her wedding. I just don't know if that will happen.

Last week I got a little curious. My last permanent job was at a small insurance agency where I worked as the office manager/administrative assistant. My boss knew that I was planning on moving and so when money got too tight... I was the one to go. That's kind of the "long story short" explanation of it. I was let go around the beginning of December, nearly ten months ago. So I was wondering if they'd hired anyone to replace me yet, since summer is the busier and more profitable time of year at that agency. Now what you have to understand is that, in this small agency, the main "receptionist" phone was the one at my desk, which meant that if people called the main phone number and hit zero, they'd come to me. I waited til after hours and called the agency. First, I went to the company directory; I was no longer on it. Then I hit zero... and heard my own voice come up! Not only have they not replaced me, they haven't removed my voice mail message! Granted, I know they have my voicemail password, so I know they can get to any messages that are left there. But it still makes me wonder. And it allows me to entertain the little fantasy that the place is falling apart without me. :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday night thoughts

I watched the premiere of Ugly Betty tonight on ABC. I really liked it. I'm looking forward to seeing more, and that's a good thing. If you didn't see it tonight, maybe check it out next Thursday.

I miss having a VCR and/or DVD player. And a dishwasher.

I finished reading a new book yesterday. I'll write about it another time. But something in it made me cry a little. There's something that bothers me just every once in a blue moon. Master knows. Of course he knows, I tell him everything. I have to, I've been commanded to. This little thing that bothers me is that... most people when they're first starting out living together, whether they're married or not, it's just the two of them. Just them as a couple. He and I will never have that. It's not his fault or even exactly his choice, it's just how it is. I knew that from the start and most of the time I'm okay with it. Just every once in a while I wish for it. I wish for something normal in this courtship & relationship that is so not normal.

This past Saturday I took my collar/necklace off. I had gotten Master's permission beforehand. I wanted to straighten out a couple kinks that had gotten into it. Once I took it off I felt... naked. It was only then that I realized I hadn't been without it in over a month. It's really not just a necklace. It never was. It's always been more, from the moment Master clasped it around my neck.

I love You, my Owner.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This house gives me the creepy crawlies!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is my title

My Friday at work didn't end slowly like the rest of the afternoon had been. Instead, I got to spend 45 minutes to an hour in the stairwell waiting out the tornado warning our area had! We didn't a tornado right by us, but there apparently was one in another suburb. We just lashed by a really bad storm and hail. The good thing was that, since we did get hail, I knew my car would be okay, since I have to park in a parking garage at work. It was a nasty storm, the little bit I did get to see - we snuck out of the stairwell for a bit! - looked like something you see out of a hurricane. The trees were bent over almost and there were walls of rain going through. Not sheets, walls. A lot of the streets were flooded when I did get to leave. So I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was.

When I talked to Mom yesterday, I told her the plan that Master and I have for me getting there. The other end got really quiet. When I said as much, Mom finally replied, "Well, I thought you'd be here for the holidays." I could tell she was crying a little. I hate making my mom cry, even if it's a relatively easy thing to do. I had to swallow so I didn't start crying too, and then I reminded her that if everything had gone as planned, I would've have been there for the holidays anyway, and that we were already getting time together that we didn't expect. She agreed and said that she knew Master wanted me there for the holidays too. (Of course, she called him by his real name, not Master. lol) I know I caught her off guard, though. I just hope this all works.

Since the Bears and Bengals both won on Sunday and are both still undefeated, I'm happy!! I'm looking forward to this coming Sunday night for the game between Chicago and Seattle. I love me some NFL football!! :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm having a slow Friday afternoon. My boss is gone for the day. My boss's boss is gone for about the next 10 days. It makes it really hard to want to stay until 5 o'clock.

For any of you wondering what it is that I do right now, let me explain. This long-term temp job that has been so wonderful for me is at one of the country's largets insurance brokerages. I work in the HQ corporate office in the compliance dept. I deal with surplus lines compliance and filings. Sometimes it's tedious, sometimes it's challenging and interesting. I prefer the challenging parts.

I don't know if I'll stay in insurance after I get to Edmonton or not. It depends on what I can find. My degree is in business. I ended up in insurance after my last permanent job as an office manager/administrative assistant in a small insurance agency. I wouldn't mind staying in this industry, but don't feel like I need to. My first job out of college was as an administrative assistant at a manufacturer. So I could do any number of "administrative" things!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm getting my hair trimmed and my oil changed tomorrow! Oh, and if anyone - who hasn't already read it - wants a good laugh, check out Liz's post from a couple days ago. It just cracks me up! :)

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Plan & a Show

Master and I have been talking about how I'm going to get there. I think we have a plan. If this works, I'll be there before the year is out. Everyone cross your fingers and say a prayer!

I watched the premiere of Studio 60 on NBC last night. I loved The West Wing, and I love Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry, so I was looking forward to it. For the most part, I liked it. Of course, you can only tell so much from the premiere episode of a show, but it seems good to me. The one thing I didn't like? Amanda Peet. She seemed bland. And there were a few different moments where there was kind of a pause in the show for just a couple seconds, with a screen shot on here just standing there. I think it was supposed to be a moment of Ms. Peet looking like she knew exactly what was going to happen, with her eyes sparkling, but it looked to me like she was just posing. So, to sum up, I'm looking forward to seeing how the show shapes up from here and I'm hoping that shape doesn't include Amanda Peet.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Did You Know 2

Since this weekend has been pretty uneventful, and I don't have much to say at the moment, I'll make another little list about myself. Like I did back here. Hope you all enjoy.

10 Things You Never Knew about Suzy Q (or maybe you did) ...

1. I was in the gifted education program all throughout elementary school.

2. My first best friend ever was a boy.

3. My favourite dish is chicken parmigiana. (Yummmm!)

4. I have never dyed my hair.

5. I don't have a favourite flower. I like them all!

6. I have never seen any of The Matrix movies or any of The Lord of the Ring movies. I'm not feeling any big rush to do so.

7. I bite my nails like crazy.

8. I beat up a kid in 2nd grade because he would try to kiss me every day on the playground. A girl can only take so much of that crap.

9. Jiffy and I once sang on a cruise ship in front of several hundred people as part of the evening's entertainment.

10. I now almost always sleep either nakie or in just panties.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Little Giggle

I have an aunt K, who's my aunt by marriage. K has a younger sister named A. A's middle name is Sue. K and A's maiden name began with an M. However, when A fell in love, she married a man whose last name begins with - you guessed it - S! So my aunt's sister's initials are ASS. Oh man, that makes me giggle every time I think about it!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! I wasn't awakened by any running dogs or squeaky toys last night, so hopefully that will continue! :)


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Couple Days Later

I feel like crap today. But that's another story.

I think I know part of why I was peeved about Julie's response to my email. Part of it is because of my original reasons that I stated in my last post. But I think part of it is because she didn't even acknowledge everything that has just happened to me. Life as I knew it fell apart and she couldn't even say, "Gee, that sucks, I'm sorry."

I recently got back in touch with one of my friends from high school, V, though a mutual friend I saw at our reunion. V and I have been emailing a little now, and when I told her what had happened, she said how sorry she was and how she couldn't imagine what it must feel like, stuff like that. Someone I haven't seen or hardly been in touch with for the last ten years can be compassionate about it, but not one of my best friends. Yeah, that bothers me.

So here's the next question: am I right to be peeved when someone has their dog running up and down the hallway in the hotel and playing with a squeaky toy right outside my door at 12:30-1 AM for the last two nights?

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Monday, September 11, 2006

My Squirrel & Being Peeved

Master took a few pictures of my squirrel the couple days he was in IL before we left. So this is the last we'll see of my squirrel.

I miss my squirrel.

I sent an email yesterday to 3 of my good friends, including Jiffy, to let them know what was going on with me, since I hadn't emailed or talked to them since Master and I left to start driving. We used to be a real foursome, and always had a ton of fun together. One of the girls, Julie, I've been friends with since we were 4. Jiffy and the 4th girl, Lan (a nickname), have practically grew up together, even though they lived in different places, because their dads were very good friends in college. I even saw Lan's parents at Jiffy's little brother's wedding in June, and her grandfather still goes to church with my mom. I was a maid of honor for Jiffy and Julie and served cake and Lan's wedding reception. Lan was one of Jiffy's bridesmaids, so one and so forth. You get the picture.

So a few hours after I send the email, Julie replies to all of us. Here's the message:

Okay girls!
Since most of us haven't seen each other in forever, and since Suzy will only be in the states a short time longer, do you think we could work a weekend get together of some sort? It doesn't have to be in Ohio since most of us are further south. The kids obviously would be welcome, but we could probably do without significant others. :-)
Let me know your thoughts!

Seems innocent enough, right? I was not happy. For one thing, this comes at a time when I have no money to spare, and if/when I do, it's going to be saved for whenever I go to Edmonton. I'd even mentioned in my email to the girls that the Uhaul was incredibly expensive! Secondly, Lan lives in Nashville, Jiffy lives about an hour from Nashville, and Julie now lives in western NC, so she's maybe a couple hours from Nashville. That basically means that I'm the one that's going to be expected to travel if this works. Frankly, I don't think my car can take
any more road trips than it has to.

But what really gets me about this is how Julie wants to get together before I go to Canada. Hello? If things had gone as planned, I'd already be there! And there was no such mention of anything like this in the last several months, even though they all knew I was moving. Granted, Julie and her hubby just moved to NC from Oklahoma at the beginning of the summer, so I know she's had other things on her plate. But it all still kind of ticks me off.

So here's what I want to know: am I being unreasonable to be peeved about this or am I (at least somewhat) justified?

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday afternoon

I went to Target this morning to get some things. I passed by a cart being pushed by a mom with her son walking next to her. Her daughter, maybe 5, was hanging onto the side of the cart, with her feet on the "undercarriage." She had this little smile on her face, like riding around Target on the side of the car was fun enough for her. It made me smile. :)

I hope there's no one in the rooms right next to me. Now that it's football season, I'm yelling at the TV a lot more!

When I talked to Mom today, she said the refund from my apt. deposit arrived yesterday, so I'll get a nice chunk for my bank account once it gets here. That makes me happy!

There are possible developments at work that could have me staying longer than the original 6 weeks, and that's fine by me. My boss knows I won't be here forever, but as long as I'm getting paid enough to stay in the hotel, then I'll stay longer. I'll earn more money that way for whenever I do go to Edmonton. I'll finally be with my Owner.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

If I wasn't trying to go to Canada to be with Master, I think I'd move to Spain.

Score one for the regular people.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm starting to fantasize about food. That's just depressing.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. For one thing, I'm finally going to get paid! Thank God for direct deposit.

Also, tomorrow night is the start of regular season NFL football!! That makes Suzy one happy chica! I'm not sure I could even tell you why I love football so much. I'm sure part of it is because there's a lot of different things that can happen in football, so I don't get bored with it. It's a good paced game - not too slow, not so fast I'm afraid to blink. I also think I like it because I used to watch it with my dad on Sunday afternoons. He's the one that explained a lot of the details of the game to me. I had fun watching with him. And I still have fun watching now! :)

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Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm tired of eating granola cereal and mac & cheese.

I miss my Owner.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Life in a Hotel

So here I am, the first week back in IL under my belt. Well, if I wore a belt.

There are definitely pros and cons to living here. It's nice to have someone come into your room once a week to change all your towels and linens. They give you a fresh bar of soap. They clean the toilet! Some of the things I don't like? Being in a spot that's right off the interstate and right below one of the paths of the planes coming into O'Hare - it makes having the windows open pretty noisy. Granted, that doesn't really have anything to do with being a hotel. I really, really miss having a dishwasher. Here's what I don't understand. I'm in an extended stay hotel where they provide everything like plates, silverware, microwave, and one of those drain things for after you wash dishes. They even provide little packets of sugar and such right next to the coffee maker they provide. So, you'd think that, with all of this right here at my disposal, they'd think to include dishwashing liquid. But no. And since I'm just barely squeaking by until my first payday - I'm eating a lot of mac & cheese right now - I couldn't afford to buy some. I'm sure glad I'm the only one using these utensils right now.

The other thing I've determined is that I'm a magnet for noisy neighbors. I thought once I left my apartment I might be rid of it. During my 5 years there I had to live with a big orange truck that was louder than any vehicle I've ever heard in my life (Master thought I was exaggerating about it until he visited and heard it himself!). There was a group of guys in my building who, with their friends, were so horrible to live around that they were finally not just evicted but completely banned from being on the property at all! Then there was the Indian couple across the hall who thought it was a good idea to take their year or two old daughter out into the hallway to feed her. (Master thought I was exaggerating about that one too. Then he saw for himself.) Now here, there is apparently a large group of people in the two rooms across the hall. They go back and forth. And back. And forth. And then back and forth some more. And since they don't want to have to knock each time, they flip that metal bar over - the one that normally keeps the door from being opened - so that the door can't close all the way. So instead of the doors closing and latching, each time one of them goes from one room to the other, I get to hear the "THUD thud" of the door hitting the metal bar and bouncing once. I also get to hear them talking loudly and yelling at each other, what with the doors not being closed all the way. Oh, and this morning I got the special treat of one of the smoke alarms going off for about 20 minutes! *sigh* One of the housekeeping people is there right now, which means it's either their designated day for housekeeping or they've left. I'm hoping with all my might that it's the latter.

On a different note, I just watched Andre Agassi lose his last match, sending him into retirement. I think this may be the first time I ever watched tennis, at least on purpose. But I knew that whenever he was done in this tournament, that was it for him. So I wanted to watch. And I got to see that bit of history. I even cried when I saw Agassi crying after the match. (See, Liz? I cry all the time too. lol) The people there just stood and clapped for him for a long, long time. It was a really neat thing to see.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Road Trips

As I mentioned before, during all the hours with Master in the big Uhaul truck, I started thinking about all the road trips I've been on in my life. There have been a lot. So here are some highlights:

Strangest Vehicle: On one of the several trips driving to Abilene from Ohio when I was going to school there, Mom and I were driving through Indianapolis. We were coming up behind a hearse on the interstate. This was not just any hearse. This hearse had a large chicken on the roof of the car. And when I say large, I mean, covering the entire roof of the hearse and standing a good 3 feet taller than the vehicle. Now, Mom and I are thinking that there's going to be some kind of advertisement on the side of the vehicle as we come up to it. But no. No sign on the side of the hearse, nothing painted on the chicken, nada. Just a black hearse driving through Indy with a large chicken on the roof.

Scariest Moment: There are actually two that fit here.
The first was when I was seven, I think. Every other Christmas, my family would drive to Lubbock to spend the holiday with Memaw and Dad. It was a 24 hour drive, and we would usually drive straight through. As we left to come back one year, there was a terrible ice storm in Oklahoma. (I don't care what people say about the cold up here. I'll take 6 inches of snow over an inch of ice any day of the week!) We stopped for the night in a motel. The next morning the parking lot was entirely a sheet of ice. Of course, at that age, I thought it was fun to "skate" across the parking lot to the restaurant for breakfast! However, when we left to start driving again, that's when I got scared. Going down the interstate at probably only 30 mph, you couldn't go more than 20 feet without seeing another car or semi that had driven off the road. I remember we weren't really talking much, just watching everything around us, and my Dad concentrating on keeping us on the road. That was pretty scary.

The second one was during another trip from Ohio to Abilene. It was dark out and Mom and I were going to be stopping for the night before long. We were outside of Joplin, MO, not far from the Oklahoma border. It was storming pretty bad, so much so that we pulled off to the side of the road, as did a lot of other people. We turned on the radio to see what we could find out. As we're listening, the broadcaster starts talking about tornado warnings and where they've been sighted. He mentions a specific exit off of I-44... right where we're pulled off! It was completely dark around us except for the lights of other drivers, so we couldn't see if one was anywhere near us, especially with it raining and the windshield wipers going. That was so frightening!! Thankfully, nothing came of it and we never did see a tornado.

Favourite stretch of highway: I-44 in Missouri between Springfield and Rolla. It's hilly and curvy and so much fun! Every time Mom and I would drive back and forth between Ohio and Texas, I insisted on driving that part because I loved it so much. It's fairly scenic, but it's just dang fun to drive!

Best Run-In with a Drunk Redneck: On the drive back to Ohio from Abilene after I graduated from college, Mom and I stopped in Joplin, MO for the night. I think we might have been staying at a Radisson, but whichever hotel it was, it was average - nothing extremely fancy, but nice enough. Not too long after we went to bed - neither of us were asleep yet - there was a loud banging on our door. And a man started yelling for someone to come out. Eek! We're taking turns peeking out the peephole to see who this is and what in the world he wants. It definitely wasn't anyone we knew. From the sound of what he was yelling, our best guess is that he thought his wife (?) was in that particular hotel room cheating on him. Lovely, eh? Mom called the front desk pretty quickly and told them what was going on. It seemed like a million years later that some old man with a flashlight finally showed up. He talked the man down and asked Mom to just stick her head out enough so that the guy could see that it wasn't his woman or her lover. The drunk redneck left. Maybe he went back to the bar to have another drink.

Worst bathroom: The summer that I was 5, my family took a 3 week long vacation across the country. We drove west from Ohio to California, then south through Arizona, New Mexico, & Texas, then up through states like Tennesse to get back home. Talk about a road trip! One of the places we visited was Yellowstone National Park. We drove up in the mountains... I think on the Beartooth Highway, or something like that. We have pictures of my brother and I playing in the snow in shorts and T-shirts. On top of one of the mountains were bathrooms. And when I say bathroom, I mean a shack of a port-a-potty. Imagine four thin walls, a roof, and a place to sit over a big hole. Then imagine all of that covered in flies. Such fun. However, now any time I'm in a crappy gas station bathroom, I silently (or maybe sometimes in a whisper) remind myself that I've been in worse than that... and lived to tell about it!

Worst Car Ride Experience: I was in a minivan with others from my church youth group going to a youth rally in SE Ohio for the weekend. It was my senior year of high school. My stomach had been feeling a little funny since sometime that afternoon, but since I was really looking forward to this weekend, I was just trying to ignore it. However, it got to a point where I could no longer ignore it. I kept trying to push it back down, but... I ended up puking all over myself. Thank goodness I was in one of those captain's chairs in the middle, so I didn't hit anyone else when I got sick. I ended up missing most of the youth rally because I was in the hotel room being sick. It must have been some kind of 24-hour bug, because I felt better, although still kind of weak, by the time we came home on Sunday.

Finding My Definition of Hell: A few years ago my mom and I both flew into DFW (her from OH, me from here), rented a car, and drove to my granddad's in Lubbock. A couple days later the three of us drove to Silver City, NM to visit some extended family there. I couldn't tell you where we were when this happened, but it was somewhere near some kind of military testing place, maybe flight testing. I was driving at the time; my mom and granddad were both napping, so I didn't have any conversation or music. I could see some big hills not too far off, but at the time, the road I was on, going through this testing area, was completely flat. And straight. And flat. And straight. Oh, and I needed to pee, but there was no place to stop, what with being in the middle of nowhere. It was during that time that I decided that might just be my definition of hell: driving in a car on a seemingly never-ending extremely flat, straight road with no real company or music while you need to pee and not having a place to stop!

Best Sex on a Road Trip: Despite this last road trip with Master being somewhat of a disaster because they didn't let across the border we did have some good times together. I will always have some fan-freakin'-tastic memories of Rockford, Illinois! :)

Honorable Mentions:
On the same road trip into NM during which I found my definition of hell, one of the cities we drove through was Roswell. During the first part of our drive into NM from Lubbock, the scenery was much like West Texas - endlessly flat and mostly brown. Then all of a sudden we came over a little crest... and there was Roswell down below in a valley, shining and green. I'm not sure, once you get into it, that Roswell is really all that attractive, but the way it looked in those first moments, it was beautiful. A green valley spread out below us around Roswells with big hills beyond that. It could almost take your breath away.

If any of you ever happen to drive through Florence, KY on I-75, please be sure to check out their water tower. Some time ago, the water tower was painted to read "Florence Mall." It was then determined that it was not allowed, because that would be advertising on public property or something like that. So instead of just removing it or painting over the whole thing, they just made a slight alteration. Now the water tower proudly proclaims "Florence Y'all" right by the interstate! lol

I have some other fun memories - like the time a semi with big teeth was chasing me down a hill in Missouri or the porch bus in the back hills of Ohio - but this covers most of the highlights. I hope this gives some insight into some of the many road trips I've been on! :)

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