Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gold Shoes, Brown Girl

I found some shoes! I had looked on a million sites (including zappos), but couldn't find any that I really thought I'd like and were the right color and weren't expensive. Then yesterday I went to Kohl's, since there's one here in our town. I didn't really expect to find anything, but it never hurts to check, right? And I found some perfect gold shoes! They were even on sale! I'm still not completely sure that the gold is completely right, since Meat has my top to try to match ribbon for the flowers and the seamstress lady has my pants for the alterations, but I'll check them with the top the next time I go over to Meat's. They're comfortable and they're pretty, so I'm happy!

After my stop at Kohl's, I went by a tanning place. Mind you, I have never before in my life gone tanning, not even when I was in previous wedding's. I am pale and I'm used to it. In fact, I'm so pale, I'm pink! (Master can verify that.) If I'm out in the sun much, I burn. And then I fade/peel back to pale. However, since they now have that spray-on tanning, I thought maybe I'd give that a try. (Did anyone else first learn about that from watching the Friends episode where Ross doesn't do it right? And has anyone else been nervous about doing it because of what happened to him? lol) This way, I don't have to look like a big white blob standing up in front of people, but I also don't have to damage my skin. So I went. I got sprayed. And it's really kinda cool! I'm tan for the first time in my life! I also don't look freakishly dark, so I'm happy about that. So, for any of you needing a temporary tan (and you're not trying to "condition" your skin before going on a trip where you'll be out in the sun), I would recommend using the spray tan.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Shower and Party

I think Meat's events on Saturday went pretty well and she seemed to have a good time with them. The bridal shower was nice, although the matron of honor probably could've planned a bit better, but it still went off okay. We had a little brunch, then played a couple little games - the funniest one being the wedding kind of Mad Lib that we did - and then Meat opened her gifts. Standard stuff, but I think people enjoyed it well enough.

Saturday night I went over to Meat's house because a few of us were meeting there to drive to the restaurant and club together, mainly since I think only one of us really knew where we were going. Meat was still trying to figure out what to wear when I got there - the other 2 girls besides Meat were already there - so we were hanging out in her bedroom. I had worn a velvety kind of top, which Meat commented on and then decided to feel for herself. On my boobie. I laughed and said something about that being the first time she'd ever felt me up. She said it wasn't, but I told her I was sure I'd remember something like that. So she came back over and felt up both boobies, joking that she was trying to remember which one she'd felt before! So my big action for the night came from Meat before we ever even left her house. Woo hoo!

We drove down to Spaghetti Warehouse and met the other girls there. When I'd called to make the reservation, they said it would be $50 more for a private room. I said no thanks. But then the lady said that she would put a note to request that we be put in the back room, which isn't private, but it's not used as much. Having been there before, I knew what she was talking about, and I said "great!" I'm really glad I didn't the $50 for the private room because we basically ended up having the back room to ourselves anyway. There was a party there on the other side of the room when we got there, but they left before we even got our food, so the rest of the night, it was just us girls! Yea!

I had gotten Meat one of those bachelorette party whilte veils, but the head band that had the veil on it also had two red devil horns, so she wore that all night. Everyone loved the penis pens! And one girl actually did what Dirk was afraid he might do. I had to chuckle when I saw her absently chewing on the penis while she was in thought. lol We hung out at the restaurant for quite a while, talking about girl stuff - we all learned what Meat and her fiance have nicknamed his penis! - and biding our time so that we wouldn't get to the club too early. Oh, and I had a couple sips of sangria, which I now know that I don't really care for.

The club was only a few blocks away, but not close enough to walk, especially since it was cold and windy that night. You could tell it had been a long time since some of us had been to a club since both Meat and I forgot our ID's in the car and had to go back and get them! Fortunately there wasn't a cover charge, which was nice. There weren't a lot of people dancing when we first got there (around 11 maybe?), but it picked up soon after. I have fun dancing, but I know I don't look good doing it, like some people do, so I'm always glad when there's enough other people dancing that no one's going to be paying much attention to me! lol Us girls kind of claimed a little corner for ourselves and most of us danced, although a couple of the girls just kind of stood there and looked bored all night. After about an hour, though, I was starting to get tired, and I think some of the other girls felt the same way, but none of us wanted to leave until Meat was ready to go since it was her party. However, I think one of the girls in the other group that had driven together finally told Meat a while later that they were going to go, and Meat decided to call it a night. We all left the club about 1 AM. By the time we drove back to Meat's and I drove home, I didn't get home til about a quarter to 2! I was so tired, but it had been a fun night, and I was glad it all seemed to go well for Meat. :)

Now that the shower and bachelorette party are over, and now that I have my bridesmaid outfit to work off of, I'm in the process of trying to find gold shoes to go with it. Meat's letting us choose our own shoes, as long as they're gold. I'm hoping to find either flats or something with not much of a heel, and hopefully not opened toe, partly because I don't want to have to care how my toes look and partly becuase it's going to be the middle of February! So if any of you have sites you can suggest where I might be able to find shoes without going broke, please let me know!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Party Time

My appointment with the seamstress went well this morning. At first she still didn't really seem to have ideas or think that she could do something with my bridal pants. But as she looked at them and thought about it, the more she figured out something to do. I swear, it was one of those times when you can actually see the wheels turning in someone's head! Since the inseam is correct and the outside seam is correct, she doesn't want to mess with those. So she's going to sew a couple panels of fabric (shaped kind of like a 2-dimensional bowl) onto the front and the back. Apparently these people in India just cut the fabric the length of the outside seam and the width of your hips and then sew up the middle to make the inseam. When you hold up the pants, you can see how they're completely square. But, as the lady said, "Women aren't square." So she's going to make my pants round... like me! lol

Tomorrow is the day for Meat's wedding shower in the morning and bachelorette party at night. The matron of honor is in charge of the shower. As the maid of honor, I took care of the bachelorette party. It's fairly low key, really. We're just going out to dinner and then going dancing. I bought some things for fun and party favors, like little penis-shaped candies to give everyone. But I think the one that makes me laugh the most is this pen. Hee hee! I showed one to Mom and she just kind of looked at it and said, "I don't even want to touch the tip." Cracking me up!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I received my bridesmaids outfit from India for Meat's wedding on Monday. The good news is that it's pretty. The bad news is that the color didn't turn out to be quite what Meat wanted. The good news is that it was mostly made to my specifications. The bad news is that the one thing they really screwed up is an important part: the crotch seam. In the list of measurements to send them, they ask for the outside seam for your legs and the inseam. They didn't ask for a measurement from front to back between the legs and - silly me - I figured that since they do this all the time, they'd be able to figure it out. Apparently not. The leg lengths are correct, but the seam going between the legs goes nearly all the way to the top of the front and back of the pants! Which basically means that I need my crotch to be about 4 inches higher than where it is right now! I may have some odd talents, but that is not one of them.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with a seamstress that Meat has used on multiple occassions - including being in 2 different weddings when she was pregnant with each of her kids! When I talked to her today she didn't sound hopeful about finding a solution, so I'm kind of nervous. However, she wanted to look at it, so that may change once she can see more of what I'm talking about. One good part is that the top is a tunic-style, so it goes past my hips. So if she ends up needing to add a little fabric, it won't necessarily be noticable. Everyone please your fingers crossed and say your prayers. This Saturday is three weeks to the wedding!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Half-Way House

The Bears are going to the Super Bowl!! The Colts are going to the Super Bowl!! I think my head is going to explode!!

Mom and I found out a little something interesting yesterday. One of the families living next-door to Mom moved out back in September and so their house has been on the market for the last several months. (They just moved to a different house in the area.) The For Sale sign was taken down last week, but it had never been marked as "Sold" so we weren't sure what was going on. But yesterday Mom saw the former neighbor at the house as he was clearing the sidewalk of snow, so she stopped to talk to him for a bit. Turns out the house is now going to be rented... to a company. What will this company do with this house? It's going to be a half-way house for mentally handicapped men. There will be up to 4 men living there at any one time, and there will be a social worker there 24 hours a day (3 shifts of 8 hours). At first, I was kind of cringing at the thought of it, but - as I thought more about it - I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that "half-way" house has a bad connotation to me because it's normally associated with criminals, and these men certainly aren't criminals. So now I mostly feel like it's not a big deal. If these men are working towards being independent, then they can't be completely off their rockers and are unlikely to decide to run around the neighborhood buck naked or something. And if they're successful in becoming independent, then more power to 'em! I like that there will be someone there with them all the time; that definitely makes me feel better. The only possible downside I can see to this (right now) is down the road if/when Mom decides to move to a condo and sell the house. I guess we'll see!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Squirrel & Sleeping Bag

As you all know, I had a squirrel in IL. (If you don't remember, there's probably at least ten posts in the archives to remind you. lol) I miss him. Luckily, there are several neighborhood squirrels that frequent my mom's yard, including one that is currently missing his tail. A while back, I tried putting out some Cheerios to see if they would like eating them. Sometimes they're gone, sometimes not. This past Sunday, I saw a few squirrels in the yard, so I decided to put some out. Normally, I stand on the top back step (of 3 steps) and put them on the other two steps. But since it was raining, I just decided to open the back door and toss them out. On the other occasion where a squirrel was about when I opened the door, he ran, even though I was as slow and quiet as I could be. This time... I opened the screen door and tossed some Cheerios out. The squirrels just kind of watched me. Then one started running right towards me, making his little squirrel sounds! I was so caught off guard, but I didn't want to slam the door shut and startle them all. He ran right up onto the top step, so I tossed out some more Cheerios. He stopped and just looked at me. He was maybe an inch from the door. So I tossed out what I had left in my hand. He looked at me some more. I looked back. I think at that point, he realized that I wasn't go to let him in the house. So he left, without eating a single Cheerio! I thought maybe this was all just a freak occurance, so later that afternoon, when I saw the same squirrel in the back (I could tell by the markings on his back that it was him), I decided to try it again. Same thing! Ran to the door, stopped when I tossed cereal, then ran away without eating any! Fascinating stuff, eh? lol

Early on Sunday I had gone out to lunch after church with Melanie and Mandy, and another lady Elizabeth. When I left to go home, there was a man standing at the intersection of the shopping center where the restaurant is located. It was pouring rain at that moment and he was just standing there unflinching... holding a sign that read "Will work for food and sleeping bag." That's not something you see a lot of in a town of about 20,000 people. I felt bad for him, standing there just getting wet, and you could see the pain on his face of having to do it. I don't have jobs I can have him do, but I do have a sleeping bag, and I could just give it to him. I kept going back and forth, the whole way home. I thought, "This is a chance to be the kind of person I keep wanting to be." But I didn't do it. I went home and sat down in my (mom's) warm, dry house, and I watched a football game instead. I still feel kind of bad that I didn't take the chance to do something good for someone who needed it, and something that would've been so easy for me to do. I may not be rolling in dough, but I could've spared 5 or 10 bucks for him to get something to eat and dry off. I still don't know why I didn't do it. What would you have done?

Monday, January 15, 2007


I had a really nice weekend. It was nice to have the house to myself for a couple days, I got some really good time with Master, and I got to watch some good football games! Of course, I was thrilled when the Bears won, in overtime no less. When Robbie Gould kicked that 49-yard field goal, my hands were shaking. And then when it went through the uprights, I started jumping up and down and almost cried in happiness! They play next Sunday in Chicago against the Saints, which looks to be a good game and a tough game. I can't wait!! :)

I have a story about a squirrel that almost came in the house and how I almost gave my sleeping bag away, but I'll save those for later.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Party at Suzy's!!

OK, not really. But Mom will be gone all weekend at Granna's, as this is the weekend that Granna will officially move to the senior living place. The movers will be there tomorrow to move the big stuff, and Mom and my Aunt Bo are going to move the other stuff. So, Mom leaves tonight after dinner to drive there. I don't go there to spend the night anymore since the last time I did that, I didn't sleep. Something about the bed or mattress made it feel like, if I didn't lay in the exact middle of the (single) bed, I was going to fall off of the bed. Kinda makes it hard to relax!

So I get the house to myself for the weekend, which will be nice. And what do I plan to do with my weekend? Spend time with Master (by computer and phone) and watch playoff football, of course! Probably sounds boring to a lot of people, but I've been waiting for this for a few weeks now!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

O Happy Day

Master is officially divorced!! :)

*Suzy does a happy dance*

Monday, January 08, 2007

Moving Granna

Mom and I spent this past Saturday in Cincinnati with Granna. She's getting ready to move into a senior living facility, so Mom and I went to help pack a few things and start moving some stuff over. Even though this has all been Granna's decision, it's taken her a long time to make a final decision and even that was with a tad bit of nudging. But she was a real trooper on Saturday. She didn't try to back out of anything and was really trying to make decisions about everything, which she's not used to having to do. This was also the first time I'd seen the place she's moving to, which is only about 2-3 miles from her house. I was impressed. There's no funny smell when you walk in, the place is clean and pleasant, and all the people we encountered were very friendly. There's a lady that already lives there that Granna knows from AARP, so I think that helps. Her apartment is also nice. She's got a living room area with a little kitchenette (all meals are provided, so she doesn't need a real kitchen). And then she's got a separate bedroom. There's also a little cement patio off the living room. It's smaller than my apt. in Chicago, but only by about 100 sq. feet, so it's a decent space for this kind of thing.

I know it's going to be hard for her to leave the house. Grampa built that house himself nearly 60 years ago, only having help with things like pouring the foundation. When they bought the land, there was only one other house around. Now there's a big mall a few miles away. Sixty years. It's not hard to understand why it would be hard to have to decide to leave. But I also know that the rest of us will feel better when Granna moves. She won't have to drive any more, there will always be people around to keep an eye on her, and maybe she'll even become more social. Well, two out of three wouldn't be bad. :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Pavlov used a bell. Master used a motel.

During our long road trip back in August, when I was supposed to move to Edmonton and couldn't, Master and I stayed in a few different motels along the way. There was the one in Wisconsin that was off of Exit 69. (Hee hee!) But our favourite was the Red Roof Inn in Rockford. We stayed there on our way to Ohio after finding out that I couldn't cross the border. It was going to be our last night together before we got to Mom's... where there would be no nakedness. So we made the most of it. I was trying to get ready for bed when Master got tired of waiting and just threw me down on the bed and... did stuff to me. Then he fucked me. We went to sleep, but Master woke up before the alarm because he needed more. And more. And more. I'll never forget it; after the last time Master fucked me, when he finally pulled out, the sound my pussy made trying to hang onto him... it was just this loud slurp! The whole time there was very memorable.

The funny thing is that now, so often when I see a motel - especially a Red Roof Inn - I immediately start having dirty thoughts. And let's just say it's not my mouth that gets a little wet.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

One Year

It was exactly one year ago today that I started my blog. Ah, the beginning. In a way it feels like so much has happened in that year, and in another way... not so much. I'm still not with Master every day like I'd hoped I'd be by this time. I don't have a regular job, since I can't do that til I'm in a permanent spot. But at least I have my Owner and I know that I am loved. That's more than I've had any other year.

Happy Anniversay, blog readers!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So 2007 Begins...

The past couple days have been pretty crazy around here. I was at Granna's most of the day on Sunday doing our family Christmas celebration. Since I'd already gotten my gift from Granna, I only got a little gift from my Uncle D and Aunt K, which was a nice stocking stuffer, so that was cool. One of the highlights was having my cousins Avery (who's 9) and Riley (who's 7) fighting over who got to sit in my lap! At one point while Avery was in my lap, she asked, "You've gone through college, right?" I said yes. So then she asked, "Are you going to have babies now?" I was a little taken aback, but I couldn't help but laugh a little, and I said that I didn't think I was going to have any babies. She said, "I just know that when people go through college, then they have babies." That's just funny to me!

Monday everyone came up to our house for the day. They got here for lunch and then after cleaning up a bit after that, some of us started playing a board game, Cranium. This is when things started to go downhill for a bit. D & K have 4 kids, the youngest 2 being Avery and Riley. The other 2 are teenage boys, one of whom is apparently very competitive. So throughout the entire game - which lasted a while - their whole family was just bickering the whole time. Granted, they've also been traveling together for the last 10 days or so, and I know that doesn't help. But the game just wasn't much fun and by the time it was over, I was pretty aggrevated. It didn't help that while I was outside on the phone with Master, taking a moment to clear my head, my Mom interrupts to offer me a jacket, and even though I say "thank you" as I decline the offer, she doesn't hear me, thinks I'm an ungrateful child (and says as much), and then proceeds to slam the door shut... although I found out later that she didn't really slam it shut, it was only because it wasn't closing right and she had to. I cried on the phone to Master and told him that I quit. So a bit later when Mom asked me if I was going bowling with everyone else, I said no. And I told her why, which was when we found that she hadn't heard me say thank you and that slamming the door had nothing to do with her being mad. But I still needed some time to regroup, so I had the house to myself for a bit, which was just what I needed.

The rest of the day was fine. Everyone came back, we had dinner, and not long after that, they all left to go back to Cincinnati. And Mom went back to work today, which also makes me happy! So the holidays are over and I managed to survive mine. I had fun, but I'm glad it's all finished.