Friday, March 30, 2007


Master and I are getting married on the 27th in Jasper. I hope the weather is good!

Mom and I went by the jewelers yesterday. They'd received the new setting and called so I could come by and approve it before they did anything to it. The man I'm working with said it's a good idea to do that so that I could be sure that I still liked the way it looked in person rather than just going with what was on the page. And I thought it was beautiful. I'm excited about it. :)

Today was my last day of work, and I only worked a half day. When I left, I felt like a kid escaping from school on a nice day! It's sunny and nice out today.

I feel like a lot has happened, but I can't think a dang thing to write. Oh, excep that Mom is leaving town tomorrow for a few days. Yea!!

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

We're going to the chapel and...

... we're gonna get married!

That's right, I'm a soon to be married woman! I have a plane ticket to fly to Edmonton on the 21st. Master and I will get married sometime that next week. We're still sorting out exactly where and what day. Might be outside in Jasper. I'm really excited! We still don't know whether or not I'll be able to stay once I get there. I'm supposed to be able to stay while we submit my application for permanent residency and while it's being processed, but... there's no guarantee for that, especially since I have that black mark on my record. So I'll find out when I get there.

Of course, Mom's already told some ladies at church and now they're going have some sort of bridal shower for me. The lady that's in charge of showers this year, Nancy, is a good friend of ours. She called last night to see if it would be okay and to find out exactly when I'm leaving so she can make sure to plan it for before that date. It was really sweet because she said, "I knew there was a reason I signed up to do showers again this year." As if she wanted to be the one to do it when there's probably other showers she's doing more out of obligation and because it's her responsibility. She said it's going to be partly a surprise because she didn't want people buying gifts that I'd have to ship up to Edmonton, so whatever I get at the shower is supposed to fit into a small purse. So that should be interesting. And I think it'll be fun!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am just pissy today. I've been peeved off and on at Master today. The reason for it is just a long story that isn't worth explaning. But I haven't even been able to talk to him about it and that just ticks me off all the more.

Then I get pissed off at this chick at work. Whenever the supervisor's not around, or even when he's in his office where he can't really see what she's doing, she spend most of her time screwing around. Which she was clearly doing most of this afternoon when he was out of the building at a meeting. Now, as a temp, that normally wouldn't bother me. Wanna waste company money and not get things done? Doesn't matter to me! But today, I got pissed. Because now her screwing around and not getting her job done is holding up part of what I'm supposed to be doing. It doesn't help that she's got the supervisor wrapped around her little finger. When I pointed out a mistake to the supervisor - when I found something we'd been looking for for the past week that she'd just skipped right over - he gave her this look that was supposed to be admonishing, but it doesn't really work when he's also smiling at her. At that point I just wanted to smack them both. And I think they knew it.

It's just one of those frickin' days.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


I chuckled at myself last night. Then Master chuckled at me too. Ah, allow me to explain.

I have a spot at Master's house. It's next to him in his bed. My spot. As I was talking to him on the phone last night he mentioned that his daughter, A - who will be 15 in May - had fallen asleep on the bed while they watched TV and she was still there as I was talking to him. I asked, half jokingly, "she's not in my spot, is she?" Master said that she was. And for some reason it felt like a blow to the stomach. I couldn't say anything. I just kept picturing her asleep in my spot. MY SPOT. Master knew I was bothered, but I wouldn't say anything about it. I mean, how silly is it to be upset about someone sleeping in a spot that I'm not within 2,000 miles of? It's not like I was about to use it!

After a while of me not hardly talking at all, Master asks me to tell him what's wrong. I kind of hesitate a little, because I still didn't want to admit to something so dumb. But he already knew, and didn't make me flat out say it. Of course, he kind of liked that fact that I was upset about it, even though it was silly. We talked about it a little, and I felt better.

That's when I chuckled at myself. I am such a dork. lol It finally hit me. You know, that proverbial ton of bricks. All this time, I'd known that one of Master's main commands is that I have to tell him everything. So I do. But it only really just hit me last night how it makes me feel better to tell him everything. It frees me of it, whatever it is. It gives the responsibility to Master, which is exactly what's supposed to happen. Hello, Suzy! lol I told Master why I was chuckling. That's when he chuckled at me too. Then he said, "remember this, baby, in the future when you don't want to tell me something." I said, "yes Sir." Master and I are both still learning about us and our relationship. We know there's going to be a lot more to learn once I'm there. But that was definitely a lesson for me last night.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

This and That

My temp job is still going well. I'll be there at least through next week and possibly part or all of the week after. Temp work can be an interesting thing. When you have these assignments that last a few weeks or a couple months, you're there long enough to kind of become one of the gang, but at the same time, you never fully are, knowing that you're not permanent. It gives you the chance to really see the dynamics of a group without becoming part of it. It can be fascinating, especially when the actual tasks of the job are not at all mentally stimulating.

Mom still hasn't had the chance to email me the pictures she took either of me at Meat's wedding or of Memaw's ring. I know you're thinking "gee, Suzy, that shouldn't take that long." You're right. But Mom is a busy woman, and since this is her first attempt at downloading and resizing... it's going to take a bit longer than normal. But I promise I'll post them when I can.

I'm still waiting to get my letter of police clearance back from the FBI. Once I have that, I can buy my plance ticket! They said it takes 3-6 weeks and it's only been about 4 weeks, so I'm going to maybe give it another week and then call to check on it. I'm so ready to go. Whenever I think about Master stroking my hair or cupping my face in his hand... it just makes me ache. I need to get there and stay there and start my life with my Owner.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

So much to blog, so little time

My friends, due to my actually working full time right now coupled with the fact that the phone line I use to connect to the internet is not my own, my time online is somewhat limited at the moment. So, I would like to apologize for the lessening of postaging (yes, I made up a word) on my blog. I always have things to say, but never quite enough to type it all out. I was going to tell about how much I love driving again with Peachie. I was going to tell about the ring tone that scared the crap out of me at work this morning. However, I should soon be able to post a picture of Memaw's ring as it is now. So keep your eyes peeled, and in the meantime, feel free to check out any of the blogs listed to the right!

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Wedding Ring

Back in 2000, when Memaw died, Dad (my granddad) gave her wedding ring to my mom. Mom's still not sure why he chose to give it to her, as opposed to maybe one of Memaw's sisters, but that's what he did. She told me about it at the time, but I'd forgotten about it since, and the ring has been kept in Mom's safety deposit box at the bank, so I haven't really seen it since then either. However, last week, Mom had gone into the box to look for something else and found the ring. So she took it with her, reminded me that she had it, and then suggested that maybe Master and I could use it somehow for my wedding ring! I was rather excited about that idea because it's a beautiful ring and it would have that much more meaning to me. I also feel like it might have some good luck that goes along with it since Memaw and Dad were married for 62 years!

Tonight Mom and I went by a jeweler here in town. We wanted to ask about getting it appraised and about getting it resized to fit my big fat finger. Of course, the jeweler also points out how worn the band is and about the prongs that are so worn down they're nearly useless. And, honestly, I know he's trying to make money, but while I can't see the prongs very well, I know what he said about the band is true. So he worked up a quote to "refurbish" the ring (he used a better word that is escaping me right now) and resize it... and it was not a pretty number. Then he mentioned that there was also the possibility of just getting a new mounting and using the diamond's from Memaw's ring. When I asked about examples, he pulled out a big book and showed me several possibilities, a couple of which were very similar to the current mounting.

So... now I'm trying to figure out what to do. Getting a new mounting looks like it would be less expensive than reworking the ring as it is now, and a new mounting is going to be in better shape than the current ring, even after it's reworked. Of course, it's not going to be cheap no matter how we go about it. My question is... what would you all do? Any recommendations?

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rolling Along

So, Mom and I both took off of work on Friday to drive to Cincinnati in the morning. As you all know, Granna moved into a senior living facility a couple months ago. She had been saying for a while that once she was no longer driving, I could have her car. She had even actually planned on giving it to me, but Mom kinda put the kabosh on that, so as to not be unfair to the other 9 grandchildren. As much as I would've loved a free car, I know she's right, and I'm still paying probably less than half of what it's really worth.

Anyway, Friday morning the 3 of us went to change the title over from Granna's name to mine and for me to get new plates. It cost more than I thought it would since I hadn't realized - duh - that I would have to pay tax on the amount that I'm paying Granna for the car. But nevertheless, everything went fine.

That afternoon - after Mom and I dropped Granna back at her new place - I had an appointment with my DMP for Canadian immigration. For the most part, it went well - pee in the cup, read the eye chart, have blood drawn, blah blah blah. I also got to strip down to my socks so he could feel me up. Or check my boobies, if you want to be more appropriate. The strange thing was that he may have found something. It's not exactly a lump, but just kind of a "harder than the rest of my boobie" spot. He said it didn't feel like the kind of lump that you can get right before your period, but since he's not an expert, he suggested I get it checked out. So, after thinking it over, not telling Mom, and discussing it with Master... I'm not going to get it checked out. At least not right now. For one thing, I'm due to start my period any time, so I want to wait and see if anything happens because of that. Secondly, I just don't have the money for it. I fully expect that I'd go to the boobie doctor and they'd say that it's probably nothing, but let's do these expensive tests just to be sure. Lastly, between having absolutely NO family history of breast cancer - or cancer of any kind, really - and my gut instinct that says it's okay, I'm just going to hold off for a while. I'm going to keep an eye - and a few fingers - on it to make sure it doesn't get worse. If it does, then we'll reevaluate.

Friday evening we had dinner with Granna at her apartment. Saturday we worked on the house some, still trying to get it cleared up and cleaned out. Before Mom and I left Cincy, we went out to dinner with some very good, long time friends of our family, Bob & Ruth. They knew my parents before they were even married. They're basically family to us. I hadn't seen them in a while, and I really enjoy them, so it was good to spend time with them. They're funny, intelligent, generous people. They're the kind of people I really consider it a priviledge to know and call friends.

When we drove home, I was driving my new car and Mom was driving her car. I have to say... I love my new car! It's the same kind of car I had before, only this one is a 1997 instead of a 91. The funny thing is, even with Granna's car being 10 years old, it only has 7,000 miles on it!! This car almost seems like new, to an extent. Granna bought it new, has always kept it garaged, and has barely driven it. You know it's a grandmother car! It's also much nicer than my old one. I'm still so excited about some of these new features I have. Power windows! Power locks! CD player! Cruise control! I seriously did a happy dance in the car when I realized there's a sun roof! The only thing I've discovered so far that I don't like are the drink holders. They're just not working for me. But I'm sure I'll get over it! This car has a rather unique color - Master can testify to that - so I've decided to name her Peachie. :)

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Sunday, March 04, 2007


I have a lot to type, mainly about Mom and I spending Friday and Saturday in Cincinnati. But I'm feeling really blah and moody right now and I don't feel like typing everything right now. So more later.

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