Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baby Steps

This week has been... interesting. Master's daughter, A, was cranky the whole time until just yesterday. She's supposedly like this a lot - which I believe since she was pissy the whole time I was here in November - but it's still kinda hard not to take it personally. However, things have been better yesterday and today, so maybe things are looking up.

I'm slowly starting to get a bit settled. Master and I went to Ikea today and got a few things for me, including a rack to hang my clothes. So now I can really unpack more. Well, not right now since I'm about to pack again to go to Jasper! We leave in the morning to drive there and get married tomorrow afternoon! I'm really excited about it and I'm really looking forward to those few days with Master. Just us.

So this'll be my last post as a single woman. How crazy is that? I'll see you all on the other side!! :)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Good Stuff

Sunday morning after the not-so-great breakfast, Master and I came back downstairs to go back to bed for a little while. We were both still tired, so we curled up together. I think he slept a little, but I didn't. Couldn't get my mind to turn off or something. A little while later we started just kissing and caressing. Gentle, tender... so nice. Just what I've really needed. We'd already had the hot, rough sex, now it was time for something different.

Our love-making was incredible and wonderful and intense. For a little while, our mouths were both open a little, our lips just barely touching, just breathing together. Then we had our eyes locked a bit later, even as Master came inside me. It was... amazing. I even cried a couple tears (good tears) right after we finished because it was so intense. I told Master it felt like he had touched something inside me that I didn't even know was there. He whispered, "It's mine." It's true and it blows me away. Even though some of this is so hard, I know this is where I'm supposed to be.

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Monday, April 23, 2007


I just found a blog that I think Liz will really love! Everyone, go check out Army of Four Digest. :)

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I am finally here!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally dealt with a nice, reasonable immigration officer. She seemed to understand that what happened last summer was an honest mistake and that I'm not trying to move here illegally. I told her that we're getting married on Friday. I showed her the documents I have that prove that we're already in the process of getting our paperwork together for Master to sponsor me to move here. Everything made sense to her.

We have a month, for now, for me to be here. However, in that month, Master and I can file an extension request - for 6 months - for me to stay here while our application is filed and processed. She said the extension would be up to the office who reviews it, so it isn't a guarantee, but she didn't see why they wouldn't approve it, and even put in her comments in my file that she doesn't see why I couldn't stay. She gave me the information where to find the form and information online for filing the extension. She was so helpful, and I made sure to tell her so!

So, I'm finally here!! In a way, it still doesn't seem real yet. It hasn't completely sunk in. Although I'm starting to realize that the hard part may not have just been the immigration stuff. Now I have to figure out where I fit. I nearly cried yesterday at breakfast (it didn't help that I was running on a few hours sleep). I sat down at one chair at the table and after a few minutes Master said that if his daughter came downstairs I should move because that was her spot and he didn't want her to get upset. So I went ahead and moved. Then 5 minutes later his youngest son comes in to eat breakfast and tells me to move because I'm in his spot. So I move to the next chair, which I knew to be the other son's spot, but it was the only chair left. I had to take a couple big drinks to keep myself from crying. For a bit, it just felt like I'd come all this way only to be told that there was no place for me. I know it's not really a big deal, and we're getting new kitchen chairs so that everyone will have one when Master's youngest son is here, which is only every other weekend. I guess it was just kind of a smack in the face for my first morning.

Anyway, I'm still glad to be here. Now I have to try to get organized! I have no idea where I'm going to put all of my stuff. That will partly be resolved when Master and I get some sort of rack where I can hang my clothes, since there's not one I can use down here at the moment. (Our bedroom is basically the first half of the basement since the upstairs bedrooms are fairly small. And that way we make lots of noise and the kids don't necessarily have to hear. Hee hee!)

I turned 29 a few days before I left. And I finally feel like my life is starting.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I leave tomorrow afternoon. I've been praying hard that this time I get to stay. Other people have been praying too. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer and whatever else you think will work in the hopes that I have a safe trip and that I don't have to leave Edmonton for a good while. I'll post again when I can (probably Monday) to let you all know what happened!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

On Being Dependent

It's funny how things work. JC's comment to my last post coincided with something I'd just been thinking about myself. Being taken care of by Master is a really cool thing to me. But it's taken me a while to get to that point.

Several years ago, when my dad died, it really hit me how fortunate we were that my mom was well-educated and had a good job. Because of that, we weren't in sudden financial straights or anything. We didn't lose our only source of income and our only provider. Knowing that provided that much more motivation for me to go to college and get a good job, realizing that even with the best of plans, things don't always go like we want them too. (Boy, haven't I learned that lesson again in the last year!) I knew that even if I were to get married, and even if my husband did make enough money with his job alone, I didn't want to be without skills and experience and a way to take care of myself. Even if we had a great marriage and there was never a worry of splitting up, who's to say something else couldn't happen to him that would leave me on my own, like with my own dad?

So the idea of being completely dependent on someone, still kind of scares me, even if I know I already have some good job skills and experience. The fact of the matter is, I'll still be working after I get to Edmonton and am allowed to work. We just can't afford for me to not be employed. But the other thing is, the statement that Master made is really much more than just being financially dependent on him. It's the whole picture. It's everything. It's not so much about not being financially dependent on him as it is not worrying about money. He'll take care of it. Just like he'll take care of me.

I hope that all kind of makes sense. I feel like I was rambling a bit. But what else is new, right? :)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Master said: I want you to forget what it feels like to not be taken care of.

That blows me away. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it.

I leave in 4 days!!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Personal Mad Lib

Below is the mad lib that was done at the bridal shower for me. The words in red are the ones that were changed. Hee hee! :)

Suzy and J originally started jazzercising in December 1492. J was voluptuous and ornery, but because of many things, Suzy did not think that anything would walk. They decided to stay in touch. After all, a new a new friend is clever to have.

After emailing and talking on the phone, Suzy began to realize that this might be more than a friendship. They took things jokingly and were jumping in the direction of a relationship. They were finally able to type over Mother’s Day weekend when Suzy ran to Dublin to visit. It was creative for her to spend time with Richard in person instead of digging everything or talking on the horse. They had a bumpy time. Suzy met his elephants A, J and R.

Suzy tracked to Istanbul in November 1775 to spend St. Patrick’s Day. Although Italians do not celebrate Thanksgiving, it was the weekend of the Bull Riding Cup and the Cincinnati Reds won a great game. On this trip, Suzy was able to jiggle J’s porcupine.

At the end of March, 1957, J looked to Las Vegas to slide Suzy for several days. Suzy and J even slipped to Ohio to meet Suzy’s son. Suzy and J scared many friends and family members on this trip.

J and Suzy stay in bump with each other daily. They both feel that dancing is one of their strengths.

Seriously, Suzy and J are eagerly looking forward to beginning the next part of their history together on April 27, 2007


Friday, April 13, 2007

I like me some Paul Kozal.



Well, it turns out that Master and I got more from the shower than I originally thought we did. I was thinking it was a few hundred dollars. It was more like several hundred dollars. Gotta love a church family that loves ya back!

Another note from the shower: one of the ladies that was helping to put it on has a daughter who's a few years younger than I am, and her daughter is also a Type I diabetic. So the punch was made with Diet 7up and sugar free ice cream, and there was angel food cake (which has less sugar) instead of regular cake. Now, quite frankly, I'm not a big fan of angel food cake, but I appreciated that they thought of all that for me.

Mom and I picked up my wedding ring Wednesday evening. It's so beautiful!! I keep pulling it out and looking at it because I absolutely love it!! In fact, now that I see it, I'm kind of glad that I don't have an engagement ring, because this is enough. It looks so beautiful on my finger, I don't need anything more. And this ring has much more meaning than any other ring I could have right now. And I'll do my best to post a picture sometime!

We're getting married in exactly 2 weeks!! :)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pot Holders and Thongs

Thanks for the title, Liz. :)

The bridal shower last night was wonderful. I had a lot of fun! And no, there were neither pot holders nor thongs given. There was, however, money! MONEY!! I don't know how much we were given because I haven't counted it all out yet, but I know it was a nice chunk. They had a really cute way of giving it too. Everyone had cut out little pictures to put in their cards with the money to show what we could buy with the money. Neat, huh? So now Master and I can buy what we want and need and I don't have to ship anything extra to Edmonton!

The shower started out with a little devotional (it is a church shower, after all) and our good family friend Melanie was the one who did the little talk. I just nearly started crying right at the start because she mentioned how we all make plans but those plans don't always work out like we want them too. So that got me to thinking about all the plans Master and I have made that haven't worked out, so I got all teary. Thankfully that was the only time I got emotional.

Last week, one of the ladies that was helping with the shower had asked me to write a kind of "history" of Master and me, so I did and emailed that to her. She wouldn't tell me what it was for. Turns out that she was using it for a Mad Lib for the shower! She took out words from what I'd written and as the ladies arrived, she'd ask them to give her a noun or verb or whatever. It turned out to be pretty funny, as you could probably guess! She said she'd fill in the blanks and email it to me so I could have a copy. When she does, I'll try to post it here so you all can see. :)

So that was my bridal shower! It was really nice and simple - much like our wedding will be, so that seemed appropriate. I know I had a good time and I think everyone else did too. And now I can spend my time in Edmonton while Master's at work writing nice thank you notes to everyone.

I fly to Master in 10 days!! :)

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tid Bits

Master and I received our first wedding present today! I have to admit, it's all kind of exciting. But the shower's on Tuesday, so that's when the main load of gifts will be received.

Mom and I spent Friday and most of Saturday in Cincinnati. It's my last trip before I fly to Edmonton. My aunt Bo was with us on Friday and we were doing some things with Granna and working on clearing out her house. Of course, she moved into a senior living place back in January and at one point on Friday, the 4 of us are walking down the hall from her room when we pass someone else's room who's about to be taken to the hospital. Granna - who turns 86 next month - made a comment about there being so many elderly people there. And she wasn't joking. I about fell over laughing! Isn't that the pot calling the kettle old? lol

I have exactly 13 days until I leave for Edmonton! :)

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Big Love & Our Honeymoon

Since Mom is gone for a few days - she flies back tomorrow - I decided it would be a good time to watch the rest of Season 1 of Big Love. I'm seriously hooked on that show! And now I know why Liz is gnashing her teeth waiting for Season 2. Because now I am too!! At the end of the last episode, when Barb was just sobbing, I cried too. So now I'm dying to know what happens next. (I'm being vague on purpose so as not to ruin it for anyone who wants to see it but hasn't yet.) I'm not sure how I'll know when it comes out, so will someone please keep me posted?

Master and I are getting married on the 27th in Jasper, AB on Pyramid Island. It's supposed to be a very scenic place, so everyone please say a little prayer that it's not too cold and the weather's nice! We also now have reservations to stay a few nights at Alpine Village in Jasper. Thank goodness for the offseason because we couldn't afford to stay there otherwise! I'm so excited!! :)

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Book Reviews

I've been meaning to do some little book reviews, and it keeps escaping me. In the last few months, I've read a few nonfiction books, which is unusual for me. In the case of two of them, they were books that my mom read and recommended to me. What do you expect when your mom is a librarian? :) So here are the books and my thoughts on them:

The Glass Castle: I just finished this book yesterday. It's a memoir written by Jeannette Walls. Everyone should read this book. Seriously. It was that good. It really kept my interest. When I had to put it down for a while, I kept thinking about it, wondering what was going to happen next in her story. It's a great book.

Left for Dead: This book is written by Pete Nelson and is about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, the story of the crew that survived, and a boy who dug into the story and basically changed the record of it. The ending is slightly anticlimatic since the meat of the story is more in the middle. But it's still pretty interesting. The history club at the local high school - where my mom works - read this book together, and then my mom set up a video conference with the boy who's featured in the book (who's now about to graduate from college). Don't you wish your high school librarian had done cool stuff like that? Anyway, it's an interesting book, and since it's going to be made into a movie, it might also be good to know the story beforehand.

The Golden Spruce: The subtitle for this book is "A true story of Myth, Madness, and Greed." Sounds interesting, no? I read this book by John Vaillant back around December. It has to do with a one of a kind tree in BC, Canada that was cut down in the middle of the night. The story really is quite interesting. However, there is a lot - a lot - of background given, for every part of the story. Some of that background is interesting and adds to the story. Some of that background - like exact types of chainsaws used in the logging industry - is kind of boring and tedious. Overall, it's a good book if you're willing to wade through all the details.

So there are my little book reviews, for what they're worth. Enjoy!