Friday, August 31, 2007

A Year

What a difference a year makes! I was thinking yesterday about where I was and what I was doing this time last year. How my life was in such upheaveal and I felt kind of lost. The hope before we left. I cried again reading this post and a little more reading this one. And then slowly starting to get my life back together. And now, a year later, here I am, finally with Master, married to him, feeling like we're making good progress with Immigration, and feeling like my life is getting settled and really started. It's amazing what can happen in a year.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Days

Master and I have been having good days the last few days. I've already told about Sunday. Monday, we got a couple good things in the mail. First, I got the check for my $75 refund! The letter I'd gotten had said 4-6 weeks, so it was a pleasant surprise.

We also got a big envelope from Immigration on Monday. It was addressed to Master, but since he was at work, I asked him if I could open it so that my head wouldn't explode waiting to find out what it was. Since it was a big envelope, I thought it was probably good news. Well, it was mostly good news. It was a big envelope because it had our whole application in it. It was returned to us because there was a form that I hadn't filled out. (I didn't think I needed to, so I left it blank.) Fortunately, it was just one page and simple information, so I filled it out that night. What really made me happy was that on one part of Master's application, in the spot reserved for the Immigration people to mark stuff, we could see that we met the eligibility requirements! It had been whited out once the officer realized I was missing the form, but Master and I were both so happy to see that we met the requirements. What a relief!!

Tuesday I was going to go hang out with Master at work for a while. On my way there, I cashed my refund check and mailed our application paperwork. Fortunately, when we received our application from Immigration, it included a mailing label that would take it directly back to the officer that was handling it before, instead of going through the standard channels. I'm very glad for that.

I like getting to be at work with Master, for the most part. It can be a little long, which is why I don't usually spend the whole day there and go around lunch time instead. But it means we get more time together, which is nice. :)

(In an effort to make things easier, instead of just using the letters of the kids' first names, I'm going to give them fake names that start with the same letter. They will be Alice, John, and Ricky.) Alice didn't have to work yesterday, so after Master and I got home, the four of us (since Ricky lives with his mom) went to a nearby park. The kids' mom had given Alice some pitas, but she didn't want to eat them, so we took them and a loaf of bread to this park where there are geese, sea gulls, and ducks. They, of course, liked the bread, but not so much with the pitas! A couple other times when we've been at that park in the evening, we've seen these small animals in the water and hadn't been able to figure out what they were. They looked like small otters. They swam a lot, but would dive under right near the shore and then come up in the tall grass. I had even looked a little online to try to figure out what they were. I had found an otter called the Asian small-clawed otter that looked like the same animal to me, but as they're only found in parts of Asia, I was pretty sure that wasn't it. Master suggested I call a nature center here in Edmonton, so I did. They asked me some questions and determined that they're muskrats!

Well, when we were at the park yesterday evening, we saw them again, and there are several of them there. This time we got really close to one of them. He came ashore right where we were standing and we found the hole that leads into his mud home at the shore. We had some crackers with us that we'd been snacking on, so we crumbled a few and dropped them into the hole. He started eating them! We could see his head and actually hear him crunching on them! It was so cool! Next time I'm going to take my camera, so hopefully sometimes I'll have some muskrat pictures!

The kids start back to school on Tuesday. The summer with them at home wasn't as bad as I was afraid it was going to be, but I'm still kinda glad they're going back. Just like all kinds of parents and step-parents everywhere!!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Master and I had a really, really good day yesterday! It had been a while since we'd really had time to play, and it had been a good while since Master had been able to make me cum. We talked about it the other night and figured out some things to do and to try. We woke up slowly, touching and kissing. He took his time with me, which I needed and which really worked. I came hard. So, of course, Master needed a turn after that. He got me on my knees and forearms and went to town! Master is never a one-minute man. Ever. It's just not him. But he really went at it Sunday morning. He came twice, the second time he came so hard he was just clawing at me! I loved it!! What woman doesn't want to be able to satisfy her man like that? :)

We thought we were finished. We were both so happy with our time together. Master was going to go get a little something to eat for both of us, but before he went to the kitchen, I decided I needed a little more of his touch. And so he gladly gave it to me. I came again. Twice more. I just felt like such a little sex goddess! It was so wonderful!!

Master brought me breakfast in bed after that. Granted, it was just frozen waffles, but I was still happy with it! We curled up and watched some TV naked for a while. It was truly the best start to a day that I've ever had.

We finally got ready and went to Master's parents house for a little while. After dinner and dropping off R, we came back home and just hung out for the evening. However, when it was time for bed, we went upstairs to get more to drink and Master was going to say good night to his kids. That was when I saw that J had left his toys in the living even though he'd been told that afternoon to clean them all up and take them all up to his room. I was kinda ticked. So I picked it all up, put them in the bins he has for them, and put it all on the steps going up to their rooms. Master was still upstairs. I got my drink and went back down to our room. When Master came down, he asked me not to put things on the steps like that again because he almost didn't see it in time. Then we got into a whole big row because it frustrates the crap out of me that his kids don't do what they're supposed to do half the time, and when I point it out to him (which he's told me to do), half the time he'll just kinda shrug and blow it off. I'm not disagreeing with him that I shouldn't have the authority to say anything or discipline them or anything. But that means that my only recourse or outlet is telling Master. He thinks I'm overreacting to little stuff and that he can't punish them for every single thing they do. He doesn't want me to clean up after them, but I don't want to leave crap everywhere when no one else bothers to do it. I was literally throwing my hands up in the air because I didn't know what to do. I'm tired of feeling half the things I tell Masters are about what his kids are doing wrong. I want them to do what they're supposed to do, but that doesn't happen like it should and there aren't always consquences to them not doing what they're supposed to. I don't want to clean up after them, but I don't know what else to do.

After all that, I felt... defeated. I was upset and sad and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I went upstairs to read for a while. By the time I came back down, I was calm and a little sheepish. I crawled into bed and gently woke up Master. I told him I was sorry and maybe I was overreacting a little. I asked him what he wanted me to do. He said I should just tell him. I said I would. I snuggled into him and started kissing him. I felt like there was still more I needed to do. So I reached down and gently took hold of his (MY) penis. I told Master that I needed to be put in my place and be shown who's in charge. And what man in his right mind is going to turn that down? lol Onto my knees and forearms again! It was hot and intense. As he's fucking me, Master tells me that my place is on the end of his cock. Holy crap, that made me hot!! I told him I needed to be used, that I needed to be his little whore. I got what I needed, and so did Master. We both collapsed onto the bed after he finished.

Despite a bump in the road (or maybe including that since it had a good resolution), yesterday was one of the best days we've had. We're both still learning how everything is going work with us and for us. Sometimes I need to chill out a little and sometimes Master needs to be more in control and more commanding. And, best of all, the sex was incredible!! ;)

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Favourite Picture

This is one of my favourite pictures of myself. I was 14 here. For the couple years when I was in junior high, I voluteered at a nature center just outside of my hometown. The center has walking paths through various types of land (swamp, forest, plains, etc.). They also have animals that, for whatever reason, can't live in the wild. So my duties there (along with other little volunteers) was mainly cleaning cages and feeding the animals. It wasn't always pretty, but I loved it, loved it, because I got to handle and be around these animals that I'd never handle or be around otherwise. I got to take a red fox for a walk on a leash. I got to hold a tarantula and pet it. I got my hair pulled by a raccoon! This owl, Berniece, was blind, which is why she was at the center. That's why this picture is a little bit funny because it looks like we're looking at each other, but she can't look at me. Just wanted to share. :)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I done been tagged!

*What side of the heart do you draw first? I don't even know the last time I drew a heart.

*Can you dive without plugging your nose? Yes, I think so, but it's been a while.

*What color is your phone? Silver.

*Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? Master! (or tied up FOR him would work too.) :)

*Where are you right now? At home.

*How do you feel about carrots? I like raw carrots. Cooked, not so much.

*How many chairs at the dining room table? Five.

*Who is the best Spice Girl? No such thing. lol

*Do you know what time it is? Yes, it's on my computer.

*What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? Try to contact someone to help. Then I'd sing or talk to myself. And bite my nails, since I do that all the time anyway.

*What's your favorite kind of gum? I don't usually chew gum.

*T or F: All is fair in love and war? Big fat false.

*Do you use words that you don't know the meaning to? No. I wouldn't know how to use them!

*Do you like to sleep? Yes.

*Do you know which US states don't use Daylight Savings? I can guess at a couple, but I'm not sure about any of them.

*Do you know the song Sugar We're Goin' Down? Nope.

*Do you want a bright yellow '06 mustang? Only if I can sell it for a profit.

*What's something you've always wanted? Enough money to not have to work.

*Do you wear a lot of black? Not really.

*Describe your hair. The longest it's ever been in my life. I have long layers. And my hair is brown and very fine.

*Are you an adult? Usually. ;)

*Who is/are your best friends? Master is my bestest best friend. Of my non-spousal friends, I'd probably say my best friends are Jiffy and Meat.

*Do you have a tan? Never. I am the definition of white. In fact, I'm so white I'm basically pink.

*Are you a television addict? I think I used to be, but not so much now, although I still probably watch more than I should.

*Do you enjoy spending time with your mom? Yes, in doses.

*Are you a sugar freak? I'm not allowed to be, thanks to diabetes!

*What is your favorite movie? I like so many movies, I can never pick just one!

*What's your sign? Aries.

*Where do you wish you were right now? Nowhere but here!! After waiting for so long to get here, I'm in no rush to go off to somewhere else. Although I am looking forward to taking more trips with Master. We have fun. :)

*Who did you copy this from? Weekends Off!

*How do you know them? I don't know how to retrace those steps. lol

*Would you have sex with them? That would have to come from Master... lol

*What brand of shirt are you wearing? Some short-sleeved cotton shirt I bought years ago for school/work, but it's since been stained, so it's now one of my "around the house" shirts.

*Have you ever smoked anything? Nope. And I'm proud of that fact.

I'm supposed to tag 3 people, but I'll just say that if you want to answer the questions, go for it! :)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon

It's been somewhat uneventful around here lately, although I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I got an envelope from Canadian Immigration last week. It was a very skinny envelope, obviously only one page, so I was sure it was bad news. I think my hands were even shaking a little as I opened it. Turned out it was nothing. Back in May, about a week after we got married, I'd sent off my little application to extend my stay for six months and receive a new visitors record. But, of course, when we had to cross the border with Peachie when Mom was here, I got a new visitors record anyway. So this was just a letter to let me know that they weren't going to send me a visitors record because I already have one. I was so relieved that it wasn't bad news! In fact, there's actually a wee bit of good news in it. Apparently since they didn't have to do anything with my application (besides sending the letter), they're refunding the $75 fee I paid!

I finished reading a couple books recently. First was Middlesex. Second was The Island. I thought they were both pretty good and definitely kept my interest. You know, the thing where you put the book down and as you're doing other stuff, you're wondering what's going to happen to the characters. Neither were the best books ever or anything, but both were decent enough.

Since I was just tagged, I shall be posting answers soon! :)

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Taxes aren't enough?

I was looking today to see what I'd need for a library card in Edmonton. Since I'm still technically a visitor, I don't have any Canadian ID. My driver's license is still from Ohio. And, as I suspected, I need a current ID that shows me as an Edmonton resident to get a library card. The odd thing I saw on their site, though, was that to have a library card as an Edmonton resident costs money. Granted, the annual fee for an adult is only $12, but I've still never heard of having to pay for a library card before. And if I decided to get a non-resident library card? Add another $60 to that annual fee! Has anyone else ever heard of anything like that?

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Stuff

I went to my first CFL game on Saturday with Master: Edmonton Eskimos against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It was a nice night, although a little cool once the sun went down and with the breeze blowing, but I had a really great time and the Esks won! Of course, going to a Canadian pro football game, I thought back to the Colts game I went to in November. As I told Master, I think the fans at the Colts game were much more into the game and it was a lot more intense there. It seemed a lot more casual and laid back at the game here. And I'm not sure why that is.

I went to work with Master again on Tuesday, although only for a few hours. I'd had a wee bit of stomach trouble that day, so there was no naughty business after things closed. However, I'm going with him again on Friday, so we'll see! ;)

I talked to Mom on Monday evening and she told me about how things had gone at Granna's memorial. It sounded like there were good friends and family there and that everything went well and that it was as close to Granna's wishes as they could get. And I'm glad for that.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

For the Winos

Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.

-- W. C. Fields


Friday, August 10, 2007

After Hours

I went to work with Master yesterday. Like last time, we were at the location where Master's there by himself, so it's easy for me to go with him. I just hung out and played on the puter all day. The nice part was that we could talk and kiss and touch any time all throughout the day. It was so great!

But the best part wasn't until after the place closed for the day. We had been talking about doing this sometime, and yesterday was the day. Master conveniently placed a box in front of the security camera in the back room, which is where I'd been all day, and where he works when there aren't customers around. And then we got busy! We both got naked and went at it. It took a few tries to find a good position for us since I'm too short (5'4) and Master's too tall (6') for us to doing it standing up with me bent over. I finally ended up kneeling on a chair (that did NOT have wheels) and Master was behind me. I have just got to say that having sex in a taboo kind of place is really hot!! Really. I highly recommend it. ;)

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I just called Mom and left a message to let her know that I'm not going to Ohio this weekend. For one thing, I really didn't want to leave Canada with no guarantee that I'll be able to return. Plus, I looked online at ticket prices, and what with it being only a few days away, the prices were horrible. It would've been at least three times the cost of a normal ticket. And, as I told Mom, if we're going to spend that kind of money, I'd rather it be for Master and I both to be able to fly somewhere to visit people, instead of it being just me for 2 short days. I know she'll understand, and I know most of my other cousins won't be there either (since most of them are either in TX or CA), so it's not like I'll be the only one not there. I think mostly I just wish I could be there for my mom. I know she could use the extra hugs and support.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My mom called this morning. Granna died during the night at around 12:30. I knew she'd been back in the hospital (from rehab) since Wednesday because she was dehydrated and had a bladder infection. But it seems like maybe she wasn't really eating much either and by yesterday she'd started retaining fluids. Mom was with her for a while Monday night and said that she just kept crying and was in pain. I'm sad because I'm going to miss Granna, but I'm glad she's no longer in pain.

I haven't decided for sure, but I don't think I'm going to try to go to the memorial. It just makes me too nervous to try to leave Canada again with no guarantee of being able to return. I know Granna would understand, but at the same time, I'd like to be there. I'll keep you all posted.


Sunday, August 05, 2007


It's been a mostly good weekend, I think, although the mostly good parts were tainted a bit by the fact that I started my period Friday (right before our date, no less) and so I've been crampy on and off this weekend, mainly Sunday and today. Whoop dee doo.

Master and I had a good Friday night. Originally it was going to be dinner and a movie, but that didn't work out. We finished dinner a little after 8, but the movie we were going to see started at either 7:30 or 10. We didn't really want to wait around and stay up late enough to see the 10 movie, but we didn't want to go home yet either. So, we went for a drive. (As I've mentioned before, that's kind of a favourite past time of ours.) We ended up getting a little turned around because a road curved, but we didn't realize it because it was the middle of a heavy storm and we were just trying to make sure we didn't get in an accident. But we still had a really nice time, got to see some new area just north and west of the city. We got home around 10, I think, and went downstairs and I thanked Master for our date. You know. ;)

Saturday was just getting some stuff done around the house and taking it easy. Until that evening. I got frustrated about something Master had done in regards to the kids, mainly J in this case. We were in the car when it happened, so I waited until we got home and J wasn't with us to try to talk to him about it. Of course, I made the mistake of trying to talk about it while the Edmonton-Calgary football game was on. Master says he wouldn't tune me out, but I think that's exactly what happened, even if not on purpose. So, of course, that just ticked me off all the more, so I went upstairs to read. Then Master got upset because he thought I'd just gone upstairs without even saying anything. So we basically spent the whole night apart. When we were both ready for bed, he told me to bring him my comb. He combed my hair for a bit and then asked me what was going on. We talked and talked and talked. A lot of my frustrations with the kids comes from them not doing what they're supposed to do, often times even after they've been told to do it. And then even though they're not doing what they're supposed to do (rinsing their dishes before they go in the dishwasher so they don't have hunks of food on them, picking up after themselves, etc.), Master never consistently punishes them for it. So then I get upset because A: I don't want to live in a dirty house, and B: I get tired of picking up after kids that aren't even mine just so that I don't have to live in a dirty house. And despite my repeatedly telling him this, and his repeated claims that it's going to get better and he's working on it, nothing really changes. I keep telling Master that I know I'm not a parent and I don't have kids of my own, but even I know that you have to be consistent with them and follow through on the punishments you warn them about if they're going to take you seriously. I went so far as to say that it makes it harder for me to give up control of my life to him when it's obvious that he can't even "control" the kids. (I put that word in quotes because it's two different kinds of control I'm referring to.) Master understood that, and I think it kinda hit home with him. Anyway, my previous post was made Saturday night before Master and I had our long talk. The fact of the matter is that I get plenty of alone time here, while Master's at work and the kids are doing their own things. What I miss about living alone is the fact that things are always how I wanted them before. There weren't other people making messes and not cleaning them up, I didn't have to listen to people whine and complain about having to clean up after themselves, stuff like that. That's the part I miss.

Sunday was pretty standard. We got up, got ready slowly, and went to Master's parents house, which we often do on Sundays. We hung out and had dinner and went home. Nothing too extraordinary or exciting.

Today (Monday) is apparently a random civic holiday here in AB, so Master had the day off of work. Originally we had planned on doing something, but that didn't quite work out. We had talked about going on another drive, but this time actually visiting some place. Except that ALL of the provincial parks cost money just to drive into. And then there were other things we couldn't do because of money. I just kind of hit a wall and have spent most of the day in a funk. (Cramps don't help.) It just seems like there are so many things we can't do or buy because we don't have the money, and it's all waiting until I can get a job. And we don't have any idea when that might be! So we haven't ended up doing anything with Master's day off. He suggested we go see the movie at the cheap theater that we were going to see on Friday. Even though it's the cheap theater, I just couldn't go. I kept thinking "why spend the money if we don't have to?" I feel like I've ruined his extra day off, but I just didn't know how to pull myself out of it.

Some weekend, eh?

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Right Now

Some days I really miss living alone.


Friday, August 03, 2007


Tonight Master and I are going on another date! He hasn't told me what we're doing; I asked him not too. I thought it be more fun to just be a little surprised. A doesn't have to work today, so she can stay home with J tonight. So we have a date! I'm excited and really looking forward to it! :)

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who Needs Retirement...

... when you could do this?


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Last Friday

Last Friday was a mostly fun day. Master took off of work early so that he, J, and I could go to a show. Originally, Master's mom had bought 3 tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs, for her to take A and J that Friday. Then it turned out that A had to work on Friday, so Master's mom bought tickets for her to take A on Wednesday, so Master and I went with J on Friday afternoon. For the most part, it was a pretty cool show. It was neat to see life-sized moving dinosaurs, even if you could see the "rocks" underneath them where the people were. Of course, really young kids seemed to like it the best since they still weren't real clear on the fact that the dinos weren't real. But I think anyone would probably have fun with it, so if you have the chance, go see it.

Included in the tickets to WwD were also tickets to Capital Ex, the big exhibition fair kind of thing in Edmonton every summer. It used to be called Klondike Days and Master hates that they changed the name, so he still calls it K Days! lol The entrance to Capital Ex was across the plaza area from Rexall Place (where the show was and where the Oilers play during hockey season), so we walked over and went in. I wasn't terribly excited at first. These kinds of things aren't my element and I don't have a lot of great memories of them. It didn't help that the first thing we did was go into the great hall and walking through all the booths of people selling stuff. I knew that we weren't going to be spending money on any of this stuff, and looking at things that we're not going to buy (and in a lot of cases, wouldn't buy even if we did have the money) bores the crap out of me. So I started out being a little cranky since Master insisted on walking though it all.

Once we left the big hall, though, it got much better. There were a ton of food booths (all with fairly standard fair food), and after we'd walked though many of those, we came to the part that I was looking forward to the most out of the whole day - the Butterfly Exhibition. (I couldn't find a good link for it, but I know there are some photos from it on the Capital Ex site.) It's basically a big mesh tent inside another, smaller hall. You pay a few dollars to go into the tent and it's filled with butterflies. All the butterflies are relatively large (about a 4 inch wingspan), although I don't know what kind they were. It seemed like maybe there only 3 kinds. But there were everywhere!! It was so cool!! They were landing on everyone and I'm just walking around with these colorful, beautiful butterflies on me. I even had one on top of my head for a little while! It was the highlight of the day for me. Unfortunately, I had to do it by myself. J hates bugs (even though I don't consider butterflies to be bugs) and really didn't want to go in. Initially Master had planned on making him go in anyway because he wanted to go in with me, but when we got there and saw that it cost money for just that part, the boys waited outside. I would've liked it more had Master been there with me.

The rest of the evening, we just spent walking through the whole exhibition. Master and J went down one of those big plastic slides where you sit on a burlap sack and slide down. They also played a mini round of mini-golf. I sat those things out so we could save money and so they could have some things for just the two of them. By the time we finished, my feet were starting to hurt, but we'd covered the whole exhibition, so I wasn't surprised. All 3 of us had fun, although we were ready to go by the end.

So that was last Friday! If any of you ever come to Edmonton in July, we can go to Capital Ex... or Klondike Days if Master's with us! :)

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