Sunday, April 27, 2008


Happy Anniversary to Master and me!

It's our one year wedding anniversary. I have trouble believing it's already been a year. Master said it feels like a year to him. lol

We went out to dinner last night, but our real celebration will be in 2 weeks when we take a long weekend and go to Montana for a couple days. We're both really looking forward to the trip. We like road-tripping and we'll get a few days of time with just us, which is my favourite part. Plus, we get to stock up on all the stuff we can only buy in the States because they don't sell it up here!

Master and I were talking last night about the last year. We both agreed that my adjustment to the kids was a lot harder and took a lot longer than either of us expected. Some days I still don't think I'm completely adjusted, and am not sure I ever fully will be. We were talking about how fortunate we've been at, really, how quickly the immigration/importation process has gone. It feels like a long time, from when I first tried to move up here, but as far as the actual application process went, it was really fast. I know it takes a long time for some people. So for it all to be completed in less than a year is really great.

We were also talking about the D/s side of our relationship. How we think we've done with that in the last year, and what we want to change going forward. We both think we're doing better about it than we were last year, but I said I want more. I need more. Now my problem is trying to figure out exactly how I want more. I told Master I want more, but couldn't tell him exactly what I meant or how I wanted him to go about it. lol I did say that I wanted him to take me every time he wants me. I'm his whore and I want him to use me that way! I think I want more control from him, but I don't know exactly how (or where) he should exert that control. Master said that I'm a smart, logical girl, so he tends to feel like he doesn't need to try to control me. I said I appreciated the sentiment, but I still want more. :)

I can't wait for the next year with my Owner.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well. Guess who showed up at my office Friday afternoon? MOM!! She flew to Edmonton to surprise me for my birthday!! She was getting me back because I surprised her at work on her 60th birthday. She stayed until Sunday morning. We had fun. She's now gotten to see where I work and meet Paul and Kim. Paul even let me leave work early on Friday once she showed up! While she was here, we also determined what Jeff's kids are going to call her. We had been trying to decide what they should call her (Grandma, etc.). We finally determined that they could call her Grandma in another language, which is half of her ancestry, and both Mom and the kids seemed to like that idea. So that's what we're going with. :)

Saturday mid-morning, it started to snow. (Welcome to Canada, Mom!) It didn't stop until... this afternoon!! We got hit with an insane winter storm in late April, something like the worst storm in April in 20 years or something. We've gotten about a foot of snow, maybe a little more, and it was windy and blowing and stuff. In. Sane. Weather. Everyone was so glad when it finally stopped and the sun even came out! This storm was just ridiculous.

So that's the latest. I feel like it's been really busy around here lately, I'm sure partly because of Mom being here over the weekend. (Weeks, I know you tagged me, I just haven't had the chance to do it yet!) Monday was the one year anniversary of my arrival in Canada. Can you all believe it's already been a year? Man, it's gone fast. Master's and my wedding anniversary is on Sunday. We're not officially going to celebrate for a couple weeks yet, but then we'll be taking a long weekend away together. I can't wait! :)

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Friday, April 18, 2008


So... today's my birthday. But not just any birthday. My thirtieth birthday. Thirty. How the heck did that happen? I still think of a thirty-year-old as being... older, somehow. Not me!

I have to admit, it's freaking me out a little, although I can't quite put my finger on why. The fact of the matter is, I'm more where I want to be in life than I've ever been in the past. I'm married to my best friend and my Owner. I have a job that I really like. I'm finally at the point where I can actually start saving some money. So what's there to be upset or freaked out about? Maybe that I thought, back in the day, that I'd get to this point sooner? But why does it matter that I didn't? Ah, big questions that probably don't matter. lol

I went to my favourite park last night. The weather was beautiful yesterday, so I wanted to enjoy it before it all got crappy again. I was looking for the muskrats, but instead saw something else in the water that I've never seen there before. A beaver! I wasn't sure at first what it was, just that it wasn't a bird and it was way too big to be a muskrat. I was practically in a trance, following it along the edge of the pond as it swam. The geese were getting a little mad at me, in fact, because I was carrying a box of crackers and forgetting to feed them because I was too busy watching the beaver. lol

As I drove home, I was thinking about it. I don't have to be old. If I can still get all excited and fascinated just by seeing a beaver, why does it matter how old I am? If life is what you make of it, can't age be the same way? I think so. And so, I'm going to be trying really hard to remind myself of that today, instead of freaking out about my age.

Like Master said last night, it's not about my age, it's about celebrating that I was born. :)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Animal Day!

Yesterday was kind of fun. The boss is out of town right now, and yesterday at work was quiet, so the day was just dragging. Kim had talked before about bringing her two dogs in sometime while Paul (the boss) is gone, but hadn't planned on doing it until the summer, when it's not as busy. But then she wondered aloud yesterday if she should do it then. I said yes! So she took a late lunch and brought her girls back for the last couple hours of the day! It was so fun!

When they first got here, they were running around and compeltely wound up. Keep in mind that Casey is about 10 months old and Finn is only about 7.5 months. So they're still young'uns. It was so fun having them here! I even got a couple pictures with my cell phone.

Here's Casey with her back legs sticking out!

Finn's just having fun!

Right before Kim got back with the girls, I noticed something moving around outside the office. What was it? A huge rabbit!! It was possibly the biggest rabbit I've ever seen. Just right outside the office! I was kind of glad that it ran off before the dogs got here.

Such a fun day!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A job and a dream

Master starts his new job tomorrow! He got the job last week. He'll be doing similar things to what he was before, but this time working for a guy who still seems to have a brain intact. He seemed happy about the job after the interview, so I think it'll be good. I'm just glad it only took a month for him to find a job, which means that we're still okay financially. We were just starting to get to where we wanted to be when he lost his job. So we're still good. :)

I had a bad dream last night. Actually, early this morning. It involved a HUGE spider that kept crawling up the wall and then falling onto me. Eek! Apparently I was whimpering in my sleep. Master gently woke me up and asked me if I was having a bad dream. "Yes," I whimpered. And he wrapped me up in his arms so I could fall back asleep... safely. It was marvelous. :)

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This and That

I spoke with Mom on Sunday for a while, catching up on the past week. In the middle of the call, there was this little conversation:

Mom: So, Suz, is there something you want to tell me? (said very brightly and cheerily)

Suzy: Uhh... (thinking "what did I do now?")

Mom: A magazine came for you this week!

Suzy: Uhh... (thinking "surely it's not Playboy...")

Mom: American Baby magazine!!

Suzy: NOOOO!!!

Mom: chuckling... So I can toss this in recycling?

Suzy: Yes! In fact, if there's a way to unsubscribe, you can do that too. Besides, even if by some miracle I were to get pregnant, it wouldn't even be an American Baby. It'd be a Canadian baby.

I sure hope that wasn't too disappointing for Mom. I think she'd really like grandkids, and there looks to be a slim chance of that happening any time soon, if ever.

Work is going well, although pretty busy. It's tax season, which is our busy season, but fortunately there's only a few weeks left. In Canada, taxes aren't due until April 30, so the busy season lasts the entire month. Also fortunate is that, even though it's busier, I haven't had to really put in any extra time, at least so far. My boss is awesome that way. So I'm still really happy with my job.

When I got to work this morning, I stuck my head into my co-worker's office to say hi, and saw that she had obviously been (or still was) crying. I asked what was wrong and after taking a minute to try to not lose it, she told me that her hubby was taking one of their cats to be put to sleep this morning. So, of course, I had to cry some too. Kim's in her early 40's and she and her hubby have been married 17 years. They don't have any kids, although I don't know her well enough to know if that's by choice or not. Kim is a big animal lover. They've got 2 dogs, both of which are less than a year old, and until today, they also had 2 cats. The cat that was put to sleep today was 16 years old and had been pretty sick, and it sounded like it was time. But her talking about it just reminded me of what I went through with Elmo, which is part of why it made me cry too. In a way, I think it helped that I was upset too, because then Kim didn't have to feel silly about being so upset, not that she should anyway. I just really feel bad for her.

Now that I've got my Alberta driver's license, and have just finished getting Canadian auto insurance set up, I'll be going this weekend to get AB license plates for Peachie. I've been thinking that I'm going to miss having my Ohio plates. It makes me stand out a little. I've enjoyed watching people take a long look at my plates to try to see where I'm from. And even just this morning, I had someone comment on it! I had to make a quick stop at the bank on my way to work, and this guy came out the same time I did. It turned out he'd also parked next to me. He said, "You're a long way from home!" I said, "Well, not for much longer." He said, "You're moving here?" I told him I was, and that now I had to get used to the weather. He just nodded and chuckled. (I didn't figure it was worth trying to explain that I had already moved and just hadn't gotten my plates yet. lol) Anyway, I'm going to miss having people know just by looking at my car that I'm not a full-fledged Albertan.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Immigration Sucketh

Well, at least it's good to know that it doesn't happen only to Master and me.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Driving and Stuff

I went Saturday to get my AB driver's license, and this time, I had everything I needed. So now I'm a licensed driver! Again! One thing ticked me off, though. Still does. You know how I had to get a doctor to sign a form stating that I'm okay to drive even though I'm (gasp!) an insulin dependent diabetic? Well, because of that, my license is only good for one year. And will only ever be good for one year. So, every year, I'll have to get my doctor to sign the form and go renew my driver's license. I'm really not happy about that. I'm thinking I'm going to write a letter to someone to let them know how not happy I am about that. However, my mom suggested that I wait until I find a regular family doctor and see what he/she says about it, since they likely know more about this subject than I do. So I'll let you know when I send my letter. Heck, maybe I'll even post it here for everyone to read!

Originally, Master was going to go with me to get my license. I was really glad for that because, even though I had everything I was supposed to have this time, I was still nervous. With all the non-luck we've had half the time in dealing with government-type places, it just always makes me a little nervous. That morning he'd taken Alice to her hair appointment and was just going to wait for her because, even though she'd decided to get her hair colored, we thought he'd still be home in time to go with me, before he had to be at one of his side jobs at 1 PM. Well, Alice's hair was taking a lot longer than we'd guessed, so he didn't get home until around 11:15 or so, and he still needed to shower. So he wasn't going to be able to go with me. I was so upset. I mean, it's not like I think I can't handle things by myself anymore. It's just easier and better when he's there with me. I called from my car before I left to remind him of something and started crying. I was just so hurt and upset at that point. After I cleared off my car (we got 3-4 inches of snow Saturday morning!), I left. What I didn't realize was that Master was waiting in his car in front for me to leave. He'd already had his quick shower by the time I called from my car. So he followed me to the registry place and was there with me after all! I was so glad that he did that. I was glad that he'd taken control of the situation and I was glad that he was there with me. That's what I needed from him. It really makes me feel better when he takes control of situations, especially when I'm upset. It felt like Saturday was a good step for us. :)

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good Times

Peachie got fixed on Tuesday. The body shop straightened her hood, which was my preference all along. There's still a bit of a dent at the front, which was where the worst dent was originally, but it's not too bad. If you're not really looking, you probably wouldn't even notice anything wrong. And all that for less than $200!! I'm so happy!! :)

Tuesday night I went to the local clinic for to get the doctor to sign my form. (I thought I'd already blogged about this, but I can't find it, so maybe not.) To get a driver's license in Alberta, since I'm diabetic, I have to have a doctor fill out and sign a form stating that I'm okay to drive. It really ticks me off that I have to do this. The fact that the man who drove his truck the wrong way down the highway and off the bridge on Tuesday was diabetic doesn't help my case. Anyway, Master - who went with me - and I waited for about 45 minutes to see the doctor for about 5 minutes so he could ask me some simple questions and sign the form. I was glad to get it done and glad it was pretty easy, but not so happy that I had to pay $130 for it. Because, of course, Alberta Health Care doesn't pay for that kind of doctor's visit. Sigh. But at least now I can get my license, which I plan on doing this weekend.

I had a couple more things I wanted to blog about, but, by golly, I'm tired. So you all will just have to sit on the edge of your seats until the next post! :)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I was hearing on the radio yesterday afternoon while I was at work about one of the highways in Edmonton being closed because of a crash, but didn't hear exactly what had happened. And then didn't think to watch the news last night to find out. But I found it online this morning. Someone actually video taped it. Holy crap, it almost takes your breath away.

I can't link directly to the video, but if you go HERE, then click on the video option under the story about "Rogue truck" you'll see it.