Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunday - Last Day

It only took me 3 1/2 weeks to post all these pictures! lol
Master actually took this photo on that Friday, but I forgot to include it with the other Friday pictures. It's a mama mountain goat and her baby! I can't get over how cute that baby is!

Sunday we went to Pyramid Island, which is where Master and I got married last year. The above photo is of the island and Pyramid Mountain behind it.

If you look on the front ridge in the above picture, you can see the tram station when you get to the top. That's how it looked from Pyramid Island. Master actually hiked to the top of that mountain!

That's the view of Pyramid Mountain from the island. So cool!

(Removed later for privacy.)

That's Master and me at the exact spot we got married!! Who could ask for better decor for a wedding? :)
We actually got there just in time before another wedding was going to take place. We had to snag a groomsman to take a picture of all 4 of us!
So those are the pictures from our trip to Jasper. It was a great trip and we all had a really good time. John and my mom really hit it off, chatting with each other all the time, so that was really fun to see them "bonding." I think our next trip to the Rockies will be to Banff, which is south from Jasper, closer to Calgary. And you know I'll post those pictures too, whenever the trip happens!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Reason

This article just explains one of the many reasons why I won't be having babies.

(Still more pictures to come, just wanted to post the link while it was fresh in my head!)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday - Part Two

Saturday afternoon the four of us took a tram into the air up to the top of Whistler mountain! As the tram got high, I had to look away from the ground and up towards where we were going. For the first time in my life, I actually felt a little dizzy from the heights. It's never bothered me when I fly, so I'm not sure why it did this time. I also didn't hike a lot farther up the mountain once we got to the tram station because of that. You really don't want to fall from all the way up there!

John took this artistic photo of the tram while we were waiting. You wouldn't believe how many people can be crammed into that thing. lol
That's the tram station at the top. Looks like it could fall right off the mountain, right? The balcony on the other side (the side where the tram comes in) makes it really feel that way!
Now enjoy some amazing views...

If you look at the lake towards the top-ish part of the photo below, you'll se a little island. That's Pyramid Island, where Master and I got married last year! And to the left of the island is Pyramid Mountain, the taller pointy one. (More photos from PI to come later.)

Do you see the little furry animal in the photo above? That's a pika.

Me on Whistler! The photo I posted earlier of Master and me was also from Whistler.

One more post about our trip - Pyramid Island and the picture I forgot to post from Friday of a mountain goat!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday - Part One

Saturday, late morning, we drove to Mount Edith Cavell. It's the highest moutain in Jasper National Park, I think. I'm not sure about that. But it's at least one of the highest. We took this crazy, winding, hilly road up a good part of the mountain.

That was a mountain stream on the way up. There's a parking area, and then you can hike to see a couple glaciers. So that's what we did!

This is Angel Glacier, called that because of how it looks like there's two wings out to the sides.

This is Glacier Lake. I think the name is self-explanatory, no? lol

A closer view of Glacier Lake.

That's part of the path to get to the glaciers. What a great view!

More great view-y-ness!!
On the way up or down, there's was a little spot to pull over at one point by a lake.

Can you believe the color of that water?

People, I seriously almost cried when I saw this lake. It was so beautiful that it was just too much. It's just so incredibly beautiful!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday - Day One

Finally - Jasper pictures!!

We drove there that Friday. I was glad to get out of town and head to the mountains because it was hot that day in Edmonton - in the low 90's. It was much better in Jasper. We were actually staying in the town just outside of the park, so we stopped and checked into our hotel, then headed into the park.

These are some big-horned sheep, without the big horns. They look really mangy because they were just then (July 4th!) shedding their winter coats. And yes, that's the highway at the bottom of the picture!

It was also cooler in Jasper because it was cloudy. It rained a wee bit, but not enough to dampen our plans. Isn't it just beautiful?

There are elk everywhere in Jasper. Everywhere! By the time we left, we didn't even stop to see them anymore because we'd seen so many of them! (Master took the above picture. He wasn't actually that close. He zoomed.)

We went to Maligne Canyon after we ate some dinner. Master and I had gone there last year too, but this time it wasn't frozen at all!

So pretty!!

This is after it's no longer a canyon and it's turned into a little river, but I don't remember now what it's called. I don't think it's Maligne River. Anyway, you can kind of see in this picture how the water is so clean (because it's mountain water) that's actually blue-ish!

Me! This is at the top of the hill right before Fifth Bridge, for anyone who wants to know. lol

Next up - Saturday! We drive and hike to a couple glaciers and I experience dizziness from heights for the first time in my life!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Memorium

I finally bought a digital camera right before our little trip to Jasper. Finally! So during our trip, I finished the last of my film on my old camera. I loved that camera. And part of why I'd put off getting a digital camera is because it still works perfectly fine; I've never had a problem with it. Why give up a perfectly good camera?

I bought this camera, an Olympus, in March of 1999. It was during my semester abroad in Oxford. That spring break, 4 of us went to Italy. On our first full day there, my old old camera broke. As in, when I opened it up to see what was going on, little pieces fell out. Broken. I said, "I am not about to spend a week in Italy and not be able to take pictures!" So I found a little camera shop and bought my new camera. I probably paid more than I would've normally, but since I didn't speak the language and didn't know where I was going half the time, it's not like I could shop around or haggle over the price.
The manual was in three languages and none of them were English. Fortunately, my Spanish was still current and pretty good at that point, and that was one of the languages, so I could figure out most things. (It wasn't until I got back to the States, and called Olympus for an English manual, that I found out my camera had a self-timer!) That camera has been all over with me and taken a ton of pictures.
After I took my last picture with that camera, I actually cried a little. It's been such a good camera and I'm only not using it because using film is turning into a hassle. I felt bad for it. I was kind of away from the others at that moment, so I had a little moment with my camera. It was a really good one.
So, in memorium, this is the last picture I took with my Olympus:

Mom's the one in black in the middle and Master's the one to the right of her in the photo. We were on Mount Edith Cavell at the time.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008


So, I like people again. Well, except for the ones I didn't like the first place! And I'm good with talking again. Master and I had a really good day today. I'd been really upset and frustrated lately, over various things. And I didn't feel like I could talk to him about it, because it felt like talking didn't get me anywhere and often just made things work. We finally opened up about it all this morning and talked A LOT. Of course, I cried some too. (What would any good talk with Suzy be without tears? lol) And after all the talking, as usual, we had great sex! :)

So, as another tie-over for posts and pictures about Mom's visit and our trip to Jasper, here's a picture of us.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm finding that I don't like people very much right now. I don't think I like talking much either. It doesn't seem like either of them do me much good.

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Monday, July 07, 2008


We're back from Jasper and we had a great time! Mom's still here and we're going to Elk Island tonight. I just thought I'd post a little picture from our trip to tie everyone over until I can do a real post. Enjoy the Canadian Rockies!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


So. I'm a big dork.

I've had a lovely link over to the side there ------->
so that people can email me if they like. Of course, it means I should actually check that email address from time to time, no? And since I'd gone so long checking that email account, and it was a hotmail one, it then no longer existed. So the lovely link was useless!
Alas, dear people, the big dork has remedied the situation! I have now set up a new email address - not through hotmail. So I don't think I'll lose this account. And not that people ever really emailed me much at it anyway, but if anyone does, I'll try to do better about checking it more regularly.
On that note, Happy Canada Day!! Here are some pictures from Canada Day last year.

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