Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday - Day One

Finally - Jasper pictures!!

We drove there that Friday. I was glad to get out of town and head to the mountains because it was hot that day in Edmonton - in the low 90's. It was much better in Jasper. We were actually staying in the town just outside of the park, so we stopped and checked into our hotel, then headed into the park.

These are some big-horned sheep, without the big horns. They look really mangy because they were just then (July 4th!) shedding their winter coats. And yes, that's the highway at the bottom of the picture!

It was also cooler in Jasper because it was cloudy. It rained a wee bit, but not enough to dampen our plans. Isn't it just beautiful?

There are elk everywhere in Jasper. Everywhere! By the time we left, we didn't even stop to see them anymore because we'd seen so many of them! (Master took the above picture. He wasn't actually that close. He zoomed.)

We went to Maligne Canyon after we ate some dinner. Master and I had gone there last year too, but this time it wasn't frozen at all!

So pretty!!

This is after it's no longer a canyon and it's turned into a little river, but I don't remember now what it's called. I don't think it's Maligne River. Anyway, you can kind of see in this picture how the water is so clean (because it's mountain water) that's actually blue-ish!

Me! This is at the top of the hill right before Fifth Bridge, for anyone who wants to know. lol

Next up - Saturday! We drive and hike to a couple glaciers and I experience dizziness from heights for the first time in my life!

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