Monday, December 29, 2008


We're home! We got home about 3:30 this morning. It's madness. But we made it, safely, nevermind the snow, fog, wind, or tumbleweeds! I'll write more later when I have the chance and I'm a little more caught up on my sleep. It was a good trip. I wonder if I'll ever be able to put into words what it means to me to see Master bonding with my people.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

Master and I leave town in the morning to head for Lubbock. We'll be gone about a week. I wanted to do a nice post before I left, but I just don't have the time. I still have to pack! I'm just typing this while I eat dinner. So, I'll have to babble when I get back. I hope you all have a wonderful, merry Christmas. I hope you're able to spend it with people you love, whether that be a few or many. I hope you all stay safe and warm. Happy holidays, my friends. :)


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Everyone is pissing me off today.

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Friday, December 12, 2008


I can't believe that Christmas is in less than two weeks! Master and I will be leaving in about a week to head to Texas. I feel like I have a lot to do before then, but every time I start to think of what I need to do, the only thing that comes to mind is "pack." John was originally going to go with us, but he changed his mind a few weeks ago, so he'll be staying with Master's parents instead. I think he got to thinking about how much time he'd have to spend in the car and decided it wouldn't be so much fun!

The next few days around here are going to be absolutely frigid around here. The high tomorrow is -21 C. And it's going to be a little colder than on Sunday and Monday! Feel free to look up the forecast for Edmonton to make yourself feel better about your own weather. And so you can pity me.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

I didn't learn about this in Home Ec.

Master went to the store with the kids a couple nights ago. He comes home and tell me, "You'll never believe what we found at the store." I'm thinking, "It's the grocery store, how exciting could it be?" Well...

That's right, cock flavoured seasoning! What's more, apparently when the item was scanned at the checkout, because it's a Grace brand product, it came up on the checkout screen as "Grace's Cock." Oh man, it makes me laugh even now! Who knew the store could be so perverted? :)

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blogger vs. Facebook

Bearette has been talking about Blogger vs. Facebook recently, so I thought I'd give my two cents as well. I joined Facebook a few months ago. I'd been invited to join a few times, but I'd not done it because I didn't really see a reason to. And I hate jumping on a bandwagon just because it's there. But then I got an invitation from Jiffy. This was a month or so before she had her baby, and I thought to myself, "You know, I don't stay in touch with her as well I want to, so maybe this will help." So I joined.

There are a lot of people on Facebook! I've found people that I was still in touch with and people I'd lost touch with. It's great! Jiffy and Meat are there. A few of my cousins are there. My old friend Andrew and his brothers are there. People from high school, college, church, everywhere!

For me, that's the difference between Blogger and Facebook. I started my blog to babble about my life in general, but mainly for the part of my life - the nature of my relationship with Master - that I can't share with anyone I actually know. Facebook is for people I actually know. I'm even a little choosey about my Facebook friends. I know a lot of people will "Friend" anyone they've ever met. I'm only friends with people I actually know. People I can, say, pick out of a line-up! I like knowing that I can share pictures with my people and I can see theirs. And I like knowing that if I post pictures of the kids, they're only going to be visible to people that I actually know.

On a related note, I recently discovered that a guy that I graduated high school with has a recurring bit role on Grey's Anatomy! I saw his photo when looking through the list of people from my class, and didn't really think anything of it. Then a couple weeks later, I was watching GA's and saw this guy that looked a lot like my classmate, Joe. So I sent him a little message through Facebook to ask. And, sure enough, it's him! He's only had a few lines that I've seen, but he does pop up fairly regularly. He's one of the interns with Lexie. He's also the one that got shoved up against the wall by Korev recently after making a crack about Izzie. And I don't think I would've made the connection that it was him had I not just seen his picture on Facebook! Anyway, for those of you who are curious, you can see him here on IMDB. You can see why he could do well in Hollywood and why he didn't have anything to do with me in high school. lol

So, to sum up: yea for Blogger and yea for Facebook!! :)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Memory Loss

I was talking to Mom last week on our regular weekly phone call. She was telling me about a man at church who had recently retired and how there was going to be a little retirement party for him. Those who were invited were only supposed to take gag gifts. Mom had an idea for what she was going to do...

Mom: I'm going to buy a bottle of that stuff that's supposed to be good for your memory. What's it called?

Suzy: (laughing) Ginkgo biloba?

Mom: Yeah! That's it.

Suzy: (still laughing) I'm sorry, Mom, but I'm going to be telling everyone that story and we're all going to laugh at you.

I thought that was so funny that I just sat there laughing for about five minutes. Fortunately, Mom may be losing her memory, but she still has her sense of humor! :)

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