Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My granddad in Texas died Sunday night. We all knew he was declining, losing weight, and getting weaker. The doctor even told him that he wouldn't live much longer. But I thought he'd make it through the holidays. I feel okay about him passing. He was 94, and he died peacefully at home. He died the way most people wish they could die. He knew his time was coming, and he was ready. He'd made his peace with everything and everyone.

I have a lot more I want to write, but I leave today to fly to Texas. I only have a couple hours before I leave for the airport and I still have to shower and finish packing. So additional blogging will have to wait.

I'm heartbroken that my granddad is gone because I will miss him terribly. I'm also looking forward to seeing a lot of my family. I'm sure I'll have a lot of stories when I come back.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Work Stuff

So we've moved to our brand new office building that we specifically built and had designed for us. I'm so glad that the move is over with! Here's a couple pictures of my new office:

We don't have blinds yet, but we will. My office faces west, so I get some nice afternoon sun. As of Friday, we also didn't have our chairs, so the one in the pictures is not the one I'll actually have. I want to have a cork board on the wall above my desk (adjacent to the window), but that leaves me with two other walls to decorate (the one opposite from the window, next to the doorway, and the one next to that). I don't plan on putting anything on the wall next to the window. I'm hatching a plan on what to hang on those walls, but nothing definite, so we'll see what happens.
The other big work-related news is that they got rid of my co-worker Mari on Tuesday morning. I think pretty much everyone else saw that coming, so I'm hoping Mari did too. Candy (our manager) had me helping to unpack and organize the kitchen while they told Mari, so I didn't even see her before she left. Candy said she took it okay, and maybe she did. I would've expected her to pitch a fit or fight back about it - or both - so I was a little surprised that she didn't.
Candy and I had a really good conversation Tuesday before I left. She's only a couple years older than I am, so it's easy to feel like we're equals, but she's also been there a while and has a lot of knowledge about what we do, so it's also easy to see her as my manager. Kind of nice, I guess. Anyway, we talked about who would do what and what would happen going forward. They plan on hiring someone on a contractual basis for about a year and a half to take over the biggest piece of what Mari did (and some other things too). But that big piece belongs to a program that will be ending in a year, so we'll only need someone for a certain amount of time. Candy said that the new person will probably be brought on in January, so we'll be muddling along in the meantime. There's one particular piece of Mari's job that I'll be taking over for good. We had planned on me learning it anyway, so now I'll just be learning it sooner!
As much as Mari and I would crack each other up sometimes, I'm glad that she's gone. It had just gotten to the point that I didn't want to deal with her any more, and neither did anyone else. Every day I'd go to work thinking, "What is it going to be today?" because there was always something that would go wrong or blow up or whatever. It's really just a big relief to not have to deal with Mari any more. I hope she lands on her feet.

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