Saturday, October 29, 2011


Congratulations to Bearette on giving birth to a new baby girl!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Step

Until now, the only person I knew in "real life" who also knew about this blog was XM. And as far as I can tell, he doesn't read it any more. Granted, there are a couple of you, my dear readers, who also know me on Facebook, but we've still never actually met.

Yesterday, my cousin Kyra told me about a blog that she started last month. She's writing anonymously so that she can let it all out without having to censor herself. Just like I do here. It means a lot to me that she trusts me enough to let me read her blog. I debated a little about whether or not I should do the same. But it didn't really take all that long for me to decide that I wanted her to be able to read this blog. I feel a little like I'm seen as sort of a "goody-two-shoes" to a certain extent and I wanted her to know that that's really not so much the case. Of all my cousins on both sides of my family, she's the only one that I feel especially close to. I love all of my cousins very much and I enjoy all of them, without a doubt. But Kyra is the only one that's close to my age (she's a year older) and I've spent a little more time around her compared to all my other cousins.

Anyway, while I figured she'd probably be surprised about the D/s relationship that XM and I tried to have, I was mostly concerned about her finding out about Tim. I mean, she actually knows Tim and his wife, Ann. I don't think she knows them as well as I do, but they're still her family too. She's actually in a position to reveal our relationship to everyone else. The thought of that does make me a little nervous. However, after reading Kyra's blog, I could also reveal things about her that the family would also not be thrilled about. As Meat once said to me, "We're going to be friends forever because we know too much about each other!"

So someone in my life is now reading my blog. Or at least has the option to read it if she's bored enough! It's kind of a big step for me, but in a way it's also a relief for someone to actually know about some of these secrets in my life. I also think it's really awesome to have a new, closer relationship with Kyra!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Need to Get Laid

It's getting close to a year and a half since I last had sex and, of course, that was with XM. That is a long frickin' time. I've never had a one night stand or had a friends with benefits relationship. I've always thought that I could never do something like that. These days... it's getting more and more tempting. That being said, I really don't feel like having sex with some random guy I just met. No offense to anyone who's done something like that, but it just makes me cringe.

So what's a single girl to do in order to get some?


Thursday, October 20, 2011


I don't really have a lot to blog about just now, so this will be brief. I've gotten most of my name change stuff done, although I still have a few more to deal with. It's really nice to see "my" name on things again. It still just feels more like me, I guess.

I'm dragging my feet on getting back to work. Shocker.

I talked to Tim a couple times a few days ago, but he's been busy and running around and sometimes our schedules just don't jive. But things with him are good. We're just not talking as regularly right now.

I'm doing my first knitting project with cables. Someone had explained the basic concept of cables to me a while back, and it made sense to me, so I wasn't really nervous about doing it. And so far it's quite simple. It's an easy pattern for a baby hat; one of my cousins in Cali is having her first baby next month, so this is my gift to them!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I did NOT see this coming

I have a new family member. Not through birth or marriage. He's 45 years old and I didn't know he existed until two days ago.

As I think I've mentioned before, my dad was adopted by my grandparents when he was 11. He was adopted with his one younger brother, so even though my dad was adopted, my uncle and his daughters (my cousins Robyn and Kyra) are still my biological relations. My uncle died 19 years ago, three years before my dad died, when I was only 14, so it's not like I knew him all that well.

Apparently he had a bit of a secret.

Turns out that before he and my aunt (Robyn and Kyra's mom) met and married, and while he was still in college, he had gotten his then-girlfriend pregnant. The baby was given up for adoption at birth.

I never knew anything about this, nor did Robyn or Kyra. Apparently my uncle told his wife about it before they married, but that was the end of it. And now all these years later... here he is!

So I have a new cousin, and Robyn and Kyra have a new half brother! Wow. I mean... wow. This is the kind of stuff that happens in movies, right? Apparently he's never married, doesn't have any kids, and both of his adoptive parents have died. He realized that he didn't really have any family, so he went looking for his birth parents. He found his birth mom a couple years ago and she gave him my uncle's name. He hired an investigator, who called Kyra a couple days ago. She and Robyn have both spoken to their new brother by phone and he lives a few hours away from them, so he's going to visit them in a few weeks.

Isn't this crazy? I'm still a little amazed about it, but since my aunt knew that there was a baby that had been given up for adoption, it's certainly plausible. When I talked to Kyra about it, she said that if something feels off when they meet, then they'll ask for a sibling DNA test, which the new brother has offered to do. But she said that based on the phone conversations, he seems genuine and totally fits with the family.

Who knew I would get a brand new cousin at this point?


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home Again

I got home late afternoon yesterday from my Thanksgiving trip to Jasper. I had a really great time. It just never gets old.

I stopped at Sunwapta Falls to look around a bit. I was in my car and about to leave and I noticed that the people in the vehicle next to me were eating sandwiches in their car. A massive raven noticed it too... and wanted to share!!

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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Here's Stuff

After I saw Ginny's FB relationship status change, I saw that she'd sent me an email. She actually explained everything about this guy because she knew I'd be concerned. Even though she doesn't actually "owe" me an explanation, I still appreciated the fact that she gave me one. In my reply, I even told her that I was kind of jealous of the fact that she's got guys who want to go out with her while the only men interested in me are illiterate men just looking for sex. So I guess we're alright.

Canadian Thanksgiving is a week from this Monday. After my last trip to Jasper in June, I was trying to find another time to go before winter hits. I wasn't going to go in July or August since that's the busy season, so it's more crowded and definitely more expensive. What with being out of town in September already, I didn't want to go then. I was thinking that I'd be working again by this time, so Thanksgiving would be a good time since I'd have a three day weekend anyway. Well, I'm not working, but I still decided to go to Jasper for Thanksgiving. I debated about it because I really shouldn't spend the money, but I don't care that much. This is my first Thanksgiving here since XM and I split, and I was in Ohio last Canadian Thanksgiving. I figure if I can't be with people that I love, then I might as well be in a place that I love, right? I know that staying here would just bum me out and I'd mope. Jenny invited me to join her and her parents, but I just feel like I'd be invading their family holiday. I like her parents, but I'm just not real keen on being part of their Thanksgiving this year. So, I'm heading to the mountains for a few days! I'm looking forward to it and I'm excited about it. I won't leave until Sunday because it'll be cheaper for me to not be there the whole weekend and spend a couple days during the week instead. And since I'm not working, I can do that! So now I have great plans for Thanksgiving! :)

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