Monday, June 11, 2012

This will tie you over

I don't have a whole lot of new stuff to say.  I had a ton of paperwork to fill out for this new job.  Since I'm going to be dealing with clients' personal information, they are going to do a background check on me.  I've never once been in trouble with the law, but somehow I'm still nervous about it.  I think it's really because I had some financial issues when I was still living in the States.  Even though it was all cleared up and I've been living in Edmonton for five years, I'm still a bit worried.  I don't really think it'll matter though, since they don't even have my SSN from the States, just my SIN from Canada.  And my financial history up here is dandy!

Anyway, Mom gets here in two days!  I'm looking forward to our visit and especially our trip to the mountains.  I suspect we'll have just enough time together to get our fill before we get sick of each other.  HA!

I doubt I'll be blogging again until after Mom heads home, so I hope you all have a lovely couple of weeks!

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