Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing with (a Small) Fire

I knew from the time I was hired that I'd have to work the week of Christmas, even though I do have off the 25th & 26th.  There's only four of us in our little office, and our boss doesn't want more than two people scheduled off at any given time.  Since two of the other ladies had already scheduled off, that means I was working.  So instead I've scheduled off the next week over New Year's.

While Mom was here in June, she and I talked a little about when we would see each other again, and where we might do that.  There are a couple little family groups that I or we haven't seen in a long time.  One is my mom's one sister and her family in California, who my mom has seen within the last few years, but it's been about ten years since I've seen them.  My one cousin had her first baby last year and I still haven't even met her husband!

Anyway, the second little group that we haven't seen is Tim and Ann and their family.  It's been over nine years since we've seen any of them.  After Mom talked to her sister about it a little, it sounded like this might not be the best time to visit them.  Both my aunt and uncle, as well as their daughter - my cousin - have moved recently and are still trying to get settled.  So Mom has called Ann a couple times to find out about us visiting them.  After talking to Mom yesterday, it sounds like it's pretty much a go.

I'm really excited about it for various reasons.  I mean, this will kind of be my Christmas celebration, since I'll just be here by myself on Christmas Day.  I'm looking forward to getting out of town and have a change of scenery.  It should be warmer in a southern state as opposed to Edmonton at that time of year!  And I'm honestly looking forward to spending time with Tim & Ann.  I enjoy both of them and had a really great time when we visited there nine years ago.

Of course, spending time with Tim could be interesting, since we've definitely gotten to know each other more.  But the truth is that I'm not all that concerned about it.  We backed off on things at the beginning of the year and, at this point, I haven't heard from him in months.  Maybe I'm playing with fire a wee bit, but I think we'll just end up having fun visiting and that'll be it.

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