Thursday, February 07, 2013

Incredibly Awkward Moment of the Day

One of my coworkers, Angie, had a problem with her computer today and it wasn't something that we could fix ourselves. Our company has a third party IT company (which mainly seems to be one guy) that handles all the computer stuff that we can't. So my coworker submitted an email request this morning when she discovered the problem and the IT guy, Paul, called this afternoon to sort it out. He spoke with Angie for a little while, but shortly after he hung up with her, he called me. He needed some info, like our IP address, in order to finish fixing Angie's computer.

Now, in my time here, we've had repeated issued with one of our printers not connecting or cooperating with our server, so I've had multiple conversations with Paul in the past. As a result, he and I have a bit of a rapport and have joked around with each other some before. He's also given me many instructions in the process of getting these various issues sorted out.

Today, part way through our conversation, I was saving a file on my desktop but Paul was talking about using it on Angie's computer.

Suzy: Paul, maybe I'm an idiot, but how does saving this file on my desktop help with Angie's computer?

Paul: Sorry, I didn't explain. Once it finishes on your computer, you'll transfer to Angie's and install in there.

Suzy: Oh! OK, now I've got it.

Paul: (chuckling) I usually just tell you what to do and you do it. I'm not used to dealing with such an obedient woman.

Suzy: Well, I'm unusual that way.

*crickets chirping*

Suzy: So... uh... when this finishes downloading, I'll save it to my USB key?

I have never been so thankful that someone couldn't see me blushing over the phone.

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