Thursday, April 25, 2013

This is not exciting

Sorting, packing, throwing away... that's my life right now.  Exciting, isn't it?

I made my second trip to Goodwill today.  It will most definitely not be my last, since I already had one bag of clothes that I didn't include in this trip.  I've also made one trip to the used book store and will make one more since it turns out that they also buy DVD's.  I'm hoping that they'll buy mine (only a handful, I'm keeping most of them) so I can make a wee bit of money instead of just giving them away.

I've only mailed one box so far because I want to make sure that it gets through Customs okay.  I've never had a problem in the past, but on the customs form that's on the box, I've always checked off "Gift" before because that's pretty much always what it is.  This time I marked "Other" and wrote that the contents are included on the form that I'll be submitting at the border that lists all the items not accompanying me across the border.  I've got another two boxes ready to go, but I want to make sure that they'll get through Customs okay before I send them.

I've got exactly five weeks before I hit the road.  I go from feeling kind of overwhelmed and like I need to hurry up to feeling like I'm doing just fine and there's no big rush.  My rule right now is that I need to accomplish at least a few things every day to work towards getting ready to go.  I think I'll be okay, but I'll feel a bit better when I get a little more accomplished.

I'm getting together with the knitting ladies next week.  One more visit before I leave.  It's been almost a year since we got together regularly, so it won't be total withdrawal.  But I'm glad I get to spend a little more time with them before I move.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Unemployed and Lovin' It

My last day at work was this past Wednesday, although my last official day was Thursday.  But we were finished by noon on Wednesday, so that was that.  I'm very happy to not have to get up so early and go to work every day.  Hopefully I don't get too spoiled, since it'll be at least a couple months before I'm working again.  It's going to be about six weeks before I even leave Edmonton, and then I have to get to Ohio and start looking for a job in Lexington.

Anyway, now it's just going to be packing stuff and getting rid of stuff.  Mostly getting rid of stuff.  Originally, my plan was to rent a passenger van for my stuff, then Mom and I would drive my car and the van back to Ohio.  I could not find a passenger van or any other kind of vehicle that we could drive one-way from Canada to the States except for U-Haul.  The smallest U-Haul truck would've been $1500!!  I'm so not spending that kind of money.  Mom suggested that she fly into Montana, rent a van there, then drive to Edmonton to get me and my stuff.  That way the van stays in the States, essentially.  Except that there were no passenger vans to rent.  The largest vehicle I could rent was a minivan, and that would still be $900 - $1,000!  Really not worth it.

After all that, I just decided to get rid of a lot of stuff, mail most of what I'm keeping, and bring the rest in my car.  Mom's still going to fly up and drive back with me, but we'll both be in my car, which means that we can take turns driving and it'll make the trip easier.  I'm slightly bummed that I'm going to have to re-buy some of the stuff that I'm getting rid of, but most of it is not worth the money that it would take to mail or ship it.  The one thing I'd really love to take with me - my bed - I can't take because you can't take mattresses across the border due to bed bugs.  So I was going to have to get rid of it anyway.

That's the latest for me.  With work finished, my life will likely be pretty boring for the next little while.  Forgive me if I don't blog much.  It just means that I have nothing to say!

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Almost Finished

It's now official that our office is closing.  My official last day is this coming Thursday, although I won't have to do a ton between now and then.  The office is mostly packed up and ready to go to head office in Calgary.  One of the guys from head office will be coming on Wednesday or Thursday with a truck to pick up all the stuff.  So I and one of the other ladies just has to finish getting things ready to go and then help load up the truck.

I'm not getting much in the way of severance, which I'm disappointed about, but there's nothing I can do about it.  They're giving me what they have to and that's about it.  They could've been slightly worse about it, so I'm trying to just be grateful for the little I am getting and leave it at that.

Since it's now official that the office is closing, it's also official that I'm moving back to the States.  I've already told Brother and Meat.  I've tried twice to get ahold of Jiffy, but I haven't reached her and she hasn't returned my call yet.  I'm having dinner with my three former coworkers that I've stayed friends with on Monday and I'll be telling them at that time.  After that point is when it'll become "public" knowledge because I'll make some sort of announcement-ish on Facebook.

I'm kind of dreading all the stuff I have to do before I leave, but at least I have several weeks without work in which to get it all done.  Then I'm outta here!

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