Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I'm not allowed to forget Canada

Last week I got together with some of the ladies that I used to knit with weekly.  It's been nearly a year since we got together regularly, and this is only the second or third time that I've seen them in the course of that year.  Of course, I wanted to hang out with them one more time before I left.  They knew beforehand of my plan to move, although they didn't know any of the details, but they gave me some gifts to make sure that wherever I go, and especially if I'm knitting, people know where I've been living for the last six years!

Isn't that fun?  Canadian flag, candy in Canadian wrappers, red Handmaiden Rumple yarn, Canadian flag headphone set, a Canada carrying case (complete with mini-scissors, stitch markers, and crochet hook), a Canada pencil with a moose on top, and a Canada knitting project bag!!  Not pictured here is the CD that one of the ladies made of songs by all Canadian artists!  Isn't that awesome?  One of the ladies also gave me a really nice project bag that's a little bigger and can fold up.  I didn't include it in the photo just because it's not Canada themed, but it's a really nice bag.  I was so touched that they would do any of this for me.  Even though I haven't seen them much this past year, I'm still going to miss these ladies.  I always had so much fun with them.

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that's really sweet.

May 09, 2013 6:28 PM  

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