Monday, June 17, 2013

Ohio update

I apologize that it's taken me so long to post again.  It's just a combination of things happening and not enough time home alone to blog in private.

We were able to cross the border with zero problems.  Since I never gave up my US citizenship, there's no immigrating to do.  I had to import my car back into the States, but I had checked into it beforehand and had two forms already printed out and completed.  There was a third one they had there that I had to complete, but it was less than one page, so I was done in no time.  I had other lists and forms regarding the stuff I was bringing back to the States with me, both in the car and through the mail.  But they didn't ask anything about it, so I didn't bring it up either.  I guess it didn't really matter, since I wouldn't have had to pay any duty on it anyway, but I was kind of surprised.  It probably helped that there was a truck that came through right after we did that apparently had a strong odor of an illegal substance!  So I was in and out of there in about ten minutes!  I was so relived that it went smoothly and quickly.

I've been in Ohio for just about two weeks now.  I'm just about ready to start applying for jobs.  I've managed to open a US bank account again, got a US cell number again, and today I'm having some work done on Peachie so that she's ready for more driving when I need to start making trips to Lexington.

Now that only problem is that I seem to be coming down with a cold.  Ugh.  I would blame it on American germs that I'm not used to, but since Mom got a cold at the end of last week, I think I just caught it from her and she's definitely been around American germs!

I've been able to get together with a few people here, but I haven't seen Meat yet.  She's had a lot going on with her kids; her daughter had Girl Scouts camp last week, for example.  Truth is, even once I go to Lexington, I'm not going to be super far away, so I don't feel this pressure to hurry up and see everyone right away.  It's definitely a nice feeling.

So that's about it for now.  I'm ready to get to Lexington and get on with my life, so I really hope that I'm able to find a good job sooner rather than later.  I miss having my own place.

And in case you're curious, including about 2/3 of a day to see Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse memorial, and a couple other things in that area,it took us five days to drive from Edmonton to Ohio.

Middle of nowhere in Montana

 Crazy Horse memorial

Mount Rushmore 

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