Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Catching up

I've been back in Ohio for a month now and I've gotten to spend some time catching up with various people.  Mom and I have gotten together twice with Brother and his girlfriend (aka on this blog as BGF).  Mom thought it would be fitting to have a "Welcome Home Suzy" kind of little celebration around July 4th, so we did that last night and it was fun.  Of course, Mom's homemade pies makes everything good!

I've spent some time with Meat and her family.  It kind of leaves me shaking my head.  Why?  Because she's got five kids.  FIVE KIDS.  The older two are with her first husband, the last three are with her current husband.  If you recall, I was in Meat's second wedding a couple months before I moved to Edmonton.  Anyway, these three younger kids are all pretty close in age, all boys, so she's got her hands full at the moment.  She's a really good mom, though, and seems to have a good handle on things.  I sure couldn't do it.  I do love her kids, though.  The older two remember me and feel comfortable around me, which I'm happy about.

I started sending off resumes for a handful of jobs about ten days ago.  I've applied for a few jobs at a major university in the area and I've been notified that my resume was forwarded to the hiring manager for one of them, so that's a good thing.  You can actually track your status of any job you've applied for with this school online.  My resume for the other three jobs I applied for there is "in process," which is okay at this point because at least I haven't been declined.  A couple of the jobs are still "open" or accepting resumes, so I wouldn't expect to hear back about them yet anyway.  I do hope to hear something soon, from any job, because I really want to get on with it.  It's fun being back in my hometown for a bit, but feeling like my life is on hold - not to mention not really having my own space - is getting a bit tiresome.

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