Thursday, August 29, 2013

I don't know what will happen next

A few posts ago, I mentioned my friend and "big brother" Andrew.  Since that relationship has already been covered, I won't do it again now.

When I first got back to Ohio, I was talking to Andrew and another guy at church one evening.  One of them asked how long I was going to be in this area.  I said, "Until I find a job."  Andrew said it was too bad that I couldn't stick around because he was going to be setting up a warehouse type of thing here for the company that he works for and I could be the office person there for him.  I remember thinking ,"Yeah, like we need to put up with each other every day!"  I may have even said something like that out loud.

I didn't think any more about it until maybe six weeks ago.  Since nothing was happening on the Lexington job front, I asked Andrew if there was anything I could start doing for him now, either working from home or working at his dining room table (since that's often where he's working).  I said it could just be on as "as needed" basis, and it might help give him an idea of what to look for when he's ready to hire someone permanently as well as giving him an idea of what all that person could do.  He said, "Let me think about it," which was pretty much the response I expected.  He never said anything more about it.  I didn't bring it up again because I didn't want to be a pest about it and I just figured he was too chicken to come back and say no to me directly.

Then last night I got to church early because Mom and I had eaten dinner out and we were finished early.  I was sitting there talking to another lady when Andrew sat down in the pew behind us.  At a pause in our conversation he said, "So, do you wanna come work for me?"  Um... okay?  I was a little caught off guard, but started asking questions about the job as well as the pay and benefits.  I won't bother going into what all Andrew said because at this point, none of this is definite.  Definitely not definite.  But it does look like a real possibility.

He did say that he was telling his boss that he's got the perfect person for the job, meaning me.  I said, "Well I appreciate your confidence in me considering that you have no idea what kind of job I can do."  He said, "The hardest part of the job is going to be dealing with the guys, and I know you can handle that."  The company he works for is a certain type of construction, so I suspect that just about everyone I'd be working with/for would be male.  I chuckled and said, "Putting up with you and your brothers was kind of a dry run for this, wasn't it?"  He laughed and said yes.  The funny thing is that one of Andrew's brothers also works for this company, under Andrew, so I'd be working with him as well!

So... I have no idea what happens next.  The warehouse space here in Ohio hasn't actually been leased yet, although Andrew said his boss has the paperwork for it.  He said they're looking at getting things going October 1st, but that he was thinking I might be able to start doing some stuff (at his dining room table) in September.  This would be a brand new position, of course, so I have no idea what all he has in mind for me to do.  It sounds like he intends for it to be a full-time job, but if it's not, then I can certainly work for him while I keep looking for something else, but I can't stay permanently.  I'm also not convinced that staying in my hometown permanently would be that great.  Maybe, because there's a lot of things I like about here, but maybe not.  I already know that if I stayed here, I'd have to lay some ground rules for Mom.  It would certainly be easier to move into my own place because I could stay with her a bit longer to save up money for furniture and such before moving.

I keep debating in my head about whether or not this is a good idea.  I mean, I was really looking forward to moving to Lexington.  But I haven't had a single interview or anything there.  And since I've only been there a couple times, it's not like I really know what it'd be like.  Although everyone I talk to about it always says how much they like it and what a nice area it is.  Then again, if this is going to be a job that I like, working for a solid company, why not stay for that?  I had actually been thinking not too long ago that it'd be nice to get a job where I'm working with more men than women, because (sadly) I think men are often easier to work with and for.  Can you see how I keep going back and forth on this?

At this point, really, all I can do is just be patient and see what happens.  He may come back and tell me that it's only going to be a part-time job or that it's full-time, but the pay wouldn't be enough for me to live on.  I already told him that if the pay is too low, I can't take the job, because what's the point of taking a job that won't pay enough for me to live off of?  Anyway, this might change my whole plan of moving to KY or it might not change anything.

I have no idea.

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Sounds like it could be good. Keep us posted :)

August 29, 2013 5:55 PM  

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