Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life moves slowly when you want it to go quicker

I'm still not officially employed.  Not that I'm surprised, it just feels like more should be happening.  It is moving along, though, so I can't complain.  I completed and sent in the actual application forms a couple days ago, and now they're doing a background check.  I think after that is when I get to be officially hired.  So it's really not that far off.  I'm just impatient and I want to be able to tell everyone about it, instead of just the select few.

I went on Monday to get my driver's license switched from Alberta to Ohio.  What a pain this is turning out to be!  I went to the DMV a few weeks ago to switch over both my plates and license.  I was able to get Ohio plates with no problem.  The girl who helped me said I would have to go down the row to the testing office for them to test my eyes before I could get a new license, but that the testing place is closed on Mondays (which this was) so I'd have to do it another day.  I hadn't bothered to go back until this past Tuesday.  Come to find out that not only do I have to have my eyes tested, I also have to do both the written and driving tests again!  She said that it doesn't matter that my original driver's license was in Ohio, since my current one is from Canada, it's basically like I'm starting over.  On top of that, I have to get a form filled out by a doctor because I'm a Type I diabetic, like I did in Alberta.  *sigh*  I was able to go ahead and do the eye and written test - both of which I passed with flying colors - that day.  But I have to get the physician form filled out before I can do the driving test.  I'm not worried about the driving test.  I'm just really annoyed that I'm having to bother with all of this, especially the physician form.  This kind of thing always feels like I'm being punished or picked on when I didn't do anything wrong.  I'm not diabetic because I've made bad choices or something.  My pancreas just doesn't work.

Anyone want to trade their pancreas for something I'll knit for you?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm almost employed

Not quite, but almost employed.

I've had a few more conversations with Andrew about all of this, and the more I learn about the company and the job, the more excited I get.  I've given him my resume so that he can submit it with the paperwork to create this position.  They'll still have to do a background check and things, so I'm not actually hired yet, but he said he doesn't expect any problems.

Of course, this means that I'll be staying in Ohio permanently.  In the few weeks since this first came up, I've thought about it a lot, what it would be like to stay in my hometown.  I haven't really lived here in a long time.  Prior to this time, the last time I even kind of lived here was six , almost seven years ago when I stayed with Mom for six months before moving to Edmonton.  And I always knew that I was just here temporarily, like I thought this time was going to be too.  The truth is that there's a lot of things I like about being here.  My biggest hesitation has always been the thought of living so close to my mom.  I know I'll definitely have to set some ground rules with her once I move into my own place, but I've had to remind myself that maybe it's not going to be as bad as I imagine it being.

This actually feels really good. This is a growing company and I'm coming in at the ground floor of a new office in a new job position.  I get to help create what this job will be, which I love.  I get to work with and for someone that I've known for more than 20 years, so we already have a good level of trust and respect.  Not to mention that we're good at giving each other a hard time!  There's going to be another guy working out of this office and obviously I haven't met him.  But Andrew's known him for a long time; they were in the military together for a while.  This just sounds like it could be something I really end up liking, and that makes me excited.

Maybe it's time to really come home.

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