Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Best week in a long time

I am employed!  And I have an Ohio driver's license!

The license thing was starting to become so much more of a hassle than I ever thought it would be.  I went to the DMV more than a month ago to switch over my plates and my license.  My Alberta plates expired at the end of August, so I had to get those taken care of.  I was able to change those with no problem.  But the girl behind the counter told me that because I was coming from out of state, I had to get my eyes tested.  The DMV in this town is in a small row of offices, and the testing office is just a few doors down the row, so it would've been easy enough to go and do it... except that apparently they're not open on Mondays and this was a Monday.

I just renewed my AB license in the spring, so I wasn't in any big rush to get my license switched over now that my plates were done.  But with this new job coming up, I wanted and needed to get it switched.  I went to the testing office on a Tuesday to get my eyes checked.  Then the woman there starts telling me how, since I'm coming from Canada, I have to do ALL of the testing again.  It doesn't matter that I was originally licensed in Ohio?  No, coming from Canada means I'm basically starting over.  *sigh*

So, I do the written test, which I pass easily.  I do the eye test, which I pass easily.  Then she's running through a series of questions (No, I do not have any pending convictions.  No, I am not addicted to drugs or alcohol.) when she asks if I have any medical conditions.  Being the honest person that I am, I tell her that I am a Type I diabetic.  Stupid disease.  Now I also had to get a form filled by my doctor, which I don't have here, so I just had to go to a clinic and have a doctor fill it out.  I'd had to do that in AB, but that was the first place.  Despite being licensed in Ohio two different times (originally and then after I moved back for a little while from Chicago), I'd never had to do that before.  I asked the woman when they started doing that.  She said she'd been working there for 17 years and they'd always been doing that.  I thought, "Well, you're either wrong or other people have been dropping the ball."  But of course I didn't say that.  Only after I returned the completed form could I schedule the driving test.

Last Wednesday was the driving test, which I aced.  ACED.  Not a single point taken off.  But I also had to do a maneuverability test.  This test is worse than parallel parking.  You have to drive forward and then in reverse through a handful of closely set cones.  I knocked over a cone, which means you automatically fail.  And of course you have to wait at least seven days before you try it again, so I scheduled it for the next Wednesday at the same time, which would've been this morning.

Yesterday morning I get a call from Columbus, the state capital.  A woman on the other end says that she's with the DMV and she was reviewing my medical form.  She was calling to tell me that I shouldn't have had to do the testing, that the system has been corrected, and I can go get my license any time!  I asked her if it was just the driving test, and she said that all I had to do was the eye test, and that I shouldn't have had to do either the written or the driving.  Hallelujah!!  I was honestly worried about passing the maneuverability test and now I wasn't going to have to bother!  I actually told the woman that she made my day, which was absolutely the truth.  I didn't think to ask her if I needed the medical form and if I'll have to do that again.  I've decided that, I'll be honest if they ask in the future, but I'm not going to bring it up if they don't.  I went this morning to the DMV and was able to get my license with no problems!  Yay!

Yesterday I finally received the official offer letter for this new job with Andrew.  I signed it and emailed it back to them.  My first day is tomorrow, so this is my last day to take it easy.  Although, this job is going to be a little slow at the beginning.  Since it's a completely new position, it's going to be a combination of me not knowing how the company operates and leaning all of that, along with us figuring out what all I'm going to be doing.  And since Andrew travels some for his job, he won't necessarily be around every day to answer my questions and such.  We both know this, so it'll be okay.  I have a feeling that once we get going, I'm going to be kept pretty busy.  Mostly I'm just ready to get started!

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