Friday, November 15, 2013

Men at Work

Oh man.  I love working with a bunch of guys.

For one thing, I literally never have to do the heavy lifting.  I don’t have to put things together.  I don’t have to move things around.  And let me tell you, in a brand new office, there are a lot of those things being done.

Secondly, there’s not the drama and BS that is, unfortunately, typical when you have a lot of women working together.  I think I’ve been fortunate in that I haven’t worked anywhere where it’s really terrible, but I know there are a lot of places like that.  The funny thing is that I’ve mentioned to a few different friends how nice it is to basically be working with only men (I interact a little with other women in other offices in the company), and without any explanation, they immediately know what I’m talking about.  As a woman, I wish that weren’t true, but it is.

Lastly, this job makes me feel feminine, which is not something I always come by easily.  I don’t dress up for this job; I’m in jeans and sneakers every day.  I never wear make-up.  I try to have my hair look nice, but it’s never all done up like so many other women do.  But in this job?  It’s pretty easy to feel feminine when you’re always interacting with roughneck kind of guys.  On top of which, a lot of these guys are former military (and still active reserve, in a few cases) and a lot of them are southern, so I get a LOT of “yes, ma’am” ‘s.  A LOT.  And while sometimes it almost feels like too much, it’s also really nice.

Even this morning, I was standing in Andrew’s office for a moment while he and Cris were on a conference call with all the crew leaders.  I hadn’t even planned on staying; I had one thing to tell the guys, and then stayed to make sure I didn’t need to be there for anything else.  Cris noticed me standing there and moved some papers so I could sit down in the other spare chair.  I tried to tell him he didn’t need to do that, but he insisted. 

Oh man.  I love working with a bunch of guys.

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