Friday, February 21, 2014

I kissed Brad Pitt

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was helping a friend by doing a run-through read of a play that she'd written.  What I didn't realize was that Brad Pitt was actually starring in this play, that he was going to be there for the run-through, and that we were actually going to do the kissing scene in the play.  So, in my dream, I totally made out with Brad Pitt!

Not surprisingly, Brad Pitt is a really, really good dream kisser.

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Some days I just love working with all guys

Tuesday night a storm came through that brought about 4 inches of snow as well as a little ice.  Since they predicted that we could've gotten up to 10 inches, I think we were all pretty relieved to only get 4.

I had told a few of the guys at work on Tuesday that if it looked like I wasn't going to be able to get out in my car, I would call one of them to come pick me up in one of the big work trucks.  I only live about 6 minutes from the office, so it wouldn't be that far for someone to come get me.  Since we didn't get as much snow, it looked like I was going to be fine getting out on Wednesday morning.  The driveway hadn't been plowed, but the road had.

Because the road had been plowed, it meant that there was that typical snow bank that gets built up at the end of the drive.  It wasn't too bad, so I figured I'd be able to back through it if I had enough momentum.  Unfortunately, I lost my momentum.  There's a bit of a bend soon before my place, so I had to brake at the last moment when a car came around the bend.  Once I stopped, I could not get going again.  Not at all.  Apartment management is supposed to take care of clearing the snow (although they've done a crap job of it so far), so I hadn't bothered to buy a snow shovel because I wasn't even sure I'd need one.  So when I got stuck, I couldn't even dig myself out.

I tried to stomp down the snow around my tires, but it didn't help even a smidge.  So I called Andrew pretty soon after I got stuck and asked him to send help.  I knew he had a conference call in a few minutes, so I knew he wouldn't be coming.  Frankly, even if he didn't have a call, I doubt he would've come just because he has so much else to do.  Fortunately, there were a couple crews in town, so we had several guys in the office that aren't normally there.

About 15 or 20 minutes after I called, three of the crew guys showed up.  There was only one snow shovel at the office, which they brought, but the also brought two dirt shovels and a bag of ice melt.  They started digging me out right away, but they were throwing the snow from under and around my car next to where my car was... which is the end of my neighbor's driveway.  Our driveways are actually just one big drive; one side leads to my garage, the other side leads to theirs.  I haven't even met these neighbors yet, although it seems to be a middle-aged couple.

Anyway, the guys had only been shoveling for a bit when the woman poked her head at the door and called for the guys to not pile the snow at the end of their drive because they need to be able to get out too.  The guys said that they would take care of it... and then they did.  They shoveled the ENTIRE driveway, both sides!!  Since my car was at the end of the drive, I told them that they didn't need to shovel in front of my car, that management would take care of it.  (I hoped.)  They said that they would be just hanging around the workshop back at the office if they weren't shoveling, and at least they weren't going to get yelled at here.  So... I didn't stop them!

The neighbor lady actually poked her head out again a little later and tried to give them money!  They wouldn't take it.  I tried to tell her that they actually were getting paid, but I'm not sure she heard me.  They did a great job of cleaning up the driveway, though, and even cleared off the snow that had blown onto my little front porch, which was truly unnecessary.  I was kind of upset having to call for help, because I feel like I should be able to take care of myself, but I felt pretty good about it all after they finished and didn't seem at all bothered by helping me out.  I was so thankful for their help and thanked all three of them both while they were here and back at the office.  They followed me back to the office to make sure we all made it back safely, which we did.

It's always fun having crews in the office.  I just enjoy having guys around that I don't get to work with on a daily basis.  Wednesday felt like they were just especially nice and helpful to me.  I mentioned that we had a couple office chairs that hadn't been put together yet, so they took care of those.  Several of them were hanging out in the kitchen, having just finished eaten lunch, when I went in to heat up my lunch.  One of the guys got my lunch out of the fridge for me.  One of the guys was sitting in front of the microwave, but the microwave is up on a shelf, so I was just going to reach over him, but one of the other guys told him get out of the way.  Then the same guy who got after the other one offered to take out the trash for me, so I pulled out a new trash bag for him and let him take care of it.

I honestly love this job for all kinds of reasons, but I definitely feel like all these guys have my back including and maybe especially my boss, who is boss of all the other guys too.  I feel so fortunate so have this job.

And last night after work I bought a snow shovel just in case!

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