Sunday, November 01, 2015

Big News

There's some stuff going on at work that changes the situation... but I don't really feel like talking about it.  So I'm going to share some other big news...

I adopted a cat a couple weeks ago!

Her name is Pepper and she's about 7 months old.  So she's still considered a kitten, but she's about as grown as she's going to be.  She's sweet, she likes people, and she loves attention and affection.  She's been pretty mellow so far - although she does play - but she's also had a cat virus.  She's now on antibiotics and showing improvement.  So we'll see how low-key she is once she's healthy.

We're still trying to get in a good sleep pattern at night, something that has been hindered somewhat by her illness.  So I've spent a lot of days being tired.  I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get in a good routine soon.

Here's my girl.  :-)



Blogger Bearette said...

Aww. Sweet Pepper. I knew someone else with a cat who basically had to sleep train him...she kept him from napping all day, then he was better at sleeping through the night.

November 03, 2015 9:43 AM  
Anonymous said...

She's totally sweet cat. Hope she'll get well soon. Wish you both a real comfortable routine together)

March 01, 2016 5:36 AM  

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