Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Waiting Game

In my last post, oh so long ago, I mentioned that there were some changes at work, but didn't feel like blogging about it at that point.  So now I will.

Andrew, my friend and the one who asked me to come work for him, left the company in October.  I hate that he left, but I understand why he did and if I were in his shoes, I probably would've done the same.  The company that we originally worked for was bought out about a year ago.  Upper management in this new company doesn't seem to know what they're doing half the time.  Andrew basically just got fed up with it and, since he had other options, he took one.  Our senior project manager left the company a month before Andrew did and was starting up a division doing the same thing we do with another company in the industry.  So Andrew is now working with him.  It means he had to take a pay cut and is almost kind of starting over, but it's a lot less stress for him and he can build the division the way he wants.

The possibility is there that I could eventually work for him again, but I think it's kind of unlikely and it certainly wouldn't be any time soon.  They have to get things built up enough to where they need an admin person, to where they can afford an admin person, and - more specifically - to where they can afford me.  Unlike Andrew, I can't take a pay cut.

So, my new boss is JD.  He was already part of the division, so he already knew everyone.  I think he's okay as a boss.  There are a couple things I worry about with him, but nothing major at this point, so I won't go into it.  The main thing is that he seems to be straight with me and I think I can trust him, which is a good thing.  I'm still a tiny bit wary, but it's mainly because I - of course - don't know him anywhere close to how well I know Andrew.

My biggest concern right now is what upper management is going to decide to do about our office.  This was a new office location when I started with the company and the main reason they opened an office here is because this is where Andrew lived and he didn't want to move.  Well, he's no longer with the company, so that's no longer a sticking point.  We lease the building we're in now and our current lease is up in the fall.  We've outgrown the building, so we need to move.  But apparently they're trying to decide whether or not to move locally or move us out of state.

They were here at the beginning of the year for our regular divisional meeting.  I sat down with JD's boss as well as his boss (one of the senior VP's) and let them know where I stood on moving.  I said if they moved within a few hours of here, I would at least consider moving.  I said that if they moved to Lexington, KY or that area, I would be totally on board with that since that's where I wanted to go originally anyway.  I said if it was more than I few hours, I wasn't moving.  And all of that being said, I don't really want to move at all.  I'm here and I'm settled now, so I'd really prefer to stay.

They, of course, didn't really have much to say, which I knew they wouldn't.  It's not like I expected to make a decision on the spot based purely on what I had to say.  They plan on having a decision by the end of March.  So I'll know at that point if we're just going to move to a larger building nearby, if I'm moving somewhere else, or if they're moving farther away and I'll need to find a new job.  Until then, there's not much to do but wait.