Saturday, July 02, 2016

I'm not dead

Despite the fact that I haven't posted in over four months, I am still around.

I've been debating whether or not to keep this blog going.  I originally started it as a way to vent, share, etc. about my relationship with XM.  Our relationship was common knowledge, but the true D/s nature of it was not.  I couldn't talk to anyone about that side of things, so I blogged about it instead.  But that relationship is long over, so that need is no longer there.

I used this blog to share about my secret relationship with Tim.  I haven't spoken to him in nearly a year, and even though I probably will again at some point, it's clear that - even as friends - things have cooled between us.

Eventually, I could blog about my secret affair with my co-worker, Lover.  It took a while to untangle from that affair, but it's over.  So there's no need to blog about that either.

Of course, I have blogged about more than just secret things and I could continue to do so.  Sometimes I feel like no one really takes much interest in my life; sometimes I even understand why, because it's not always all that interesting.  I'd like to think I would blog about those things here instead of talking about them, but I usually end up knitting instead.

So, I'm not sure if this blog will continue and this is just a quiet period for me, or if I'll sign off completely soon.

In the meantime, things with my job are still up in the air.  I am casually looking for a new one.  I hate to do that, but upper management is still crap and making horrible decisions.  They're still acting like they want to move our office somewhere else, out of state.  I'm not willing to move for a job that I'm not even sure will last.  So, I'm on the hunt.  But it's hard to look for a new job when there are still so many things I like about my current one.

My love life is non-existent.  But what else is new.

Pepper is good.  Knitting is good.  My friends are fun and I love them.

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